Hostess Job Description and The Requirements to Know

For a restaurant, the hostess is an important part of the working circle. A hostess or a host will greet the customers when they enter a restaurant. A hostess also will take the reservation or put them to the waiting list, give the meu and show the seat. To get a good hostess in running the restaurant business, knowing about the hostess job description becomes an essential part of the business for you.

Hostess Job Description Template

As we have said before, a hostess has an important role in the working circle of the restaurant. By the good working of the hostess, of course, the customers will be happy with the restaurant’s service and it will increase their satisfaction level.

On another hand, through a good hostess, of course, there will be a good engagement with the customers and the business could run better. That is why you need to know about the job description template well of the hostess. This document will be useful to help you get an experienced hostess.

Hostess Responsibilities

A hostess for the restaurant has some important responsibilities. The responsibilities of a hostess to be known are:

  • Providing a great service for customers
  • Helping out with the other responsibilities and tasks inside the restaurant when it is needed
  • Know the detailed menus and suggest the customers when it is needed
  • Answering the calls, taking reservations and answering the questions from the customers
  • Responding to the complaints and helping to clear it
  • Engaging with the customers to make them happy enjoying the menus
  • Assigning the guests to the tables that they prefer
  • Seating the customers at the reserved tables or the waiting areas
  • Providing the best menus for the customers and answering the initial questions

Hostess Requirements

To have a good hostess for the restaurant, these are some common requirements of the hostess as:

  • High school diploma in minimal or equivalent preferred
  • Ability to provide a great service for the different customers
  • Have a positive attitude and a good manner to serve the customers
  • Perform high-quality work while it is unsupervised
  • Ability to work under pressure
  • Ability to handle the money accurately and operate the financial system
  • Able to work in standing position in hours or long period
  • Restaurant experiences become the plus value

Hostess FAQs

What does a hostess do?

The main task of a hostess is to greet the customers when they enter the restaurant. Then, a hostess will take and confirm the reservation and they show the seat of them. On another hand, a hostess also should help the other staff of the restaurant when it is needed, for example when the restaurant is so busy.

Can I edit the uploaded hostess job description?

Of course, you can. The uploaded job description of a hostess is easy to be edit. You could download it and then edit the whole document using the wording application.

Do you have interview questions for this recruitment?

Besides providing the hostess job description, we have several samples of the interview question. You may find it on another side of this page.

Description: A hostess job description will be useful to lead you to the recruitment system. Through a good job description, of course, getting high ability hostess will be easier.


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