Line Worker Job Description – Things To Consider Before Writing Your Resume


A line worker has a responsibility to fix the transmission system such as an electrical system, poles, and cables. Besides, they also perform repair tasks. If you want to know further about the line worker job description, you can read it in this article.

The Duties In The Line Worker Job description

Typically, the duties and responsibilities of the line worker are related to heavy duties, such as:

  • Maintaining, installing, and also performing emergency repair related to the electric system.
  • Helping to frame security, street poles, and setting power.
  • Helping customers to install the primary and secondary line.
  • Diagnosing problems, for example, finding cable faults and restore its power.
  • Maintaining the electrical system.
  • Helping customers install metering tools.
  • Helping to install and setting the underground transformers and its switches.
  • Creating reports and records every activity based on the orders.
  • Giving a response to call-outs.


Skills Needed In The Line Worker Job Description

Working as a line worker requires you to have strong stamina and good physical appearance. It is important to meet the physical criteria as it will deal a lot with lifting and moving objects. Moreover, this job is about safety. Therefore, you must at least have the following important skill:

  • Having strong, dexterous, and agile physic.
  • having the willingness to work in various environmental conditions.
  • Having a willingness to work in flexible shifts such as public holiday, evening, weekend shifts, and even with short notice.
  • Excellent knowledge and practical knowledge in CPR and First Aid.
  • Excellent at driving.
  • Excellent knowledge of electricity.

Besides the skills above, you also must meet the another requirement such as academic background, certification in electricity, driving license, certification in Journeyman Lineman, certification in First Aid & CPR as well as certification in the backhoe.

If you are considering to apply as a line worker, we have a shortlist of objective statements that you can use in your resume:

  • I have a strong physical condition and stamina. I am used to working in the field with the various condition. With my working experience as technical support in the electricity department, I would like to apply as one of the candidates in the hiring projects.
  • I like gaining more experience with people and practice my professional skill in electricity. I am good at handling cables and I have high patience. If you give me a chance to see my skills I would be glad to attend the next step.
  • I have been graduating from school and I have certification in electricity and First Aid & CPR. Working as a line worker is an exciting challenge for me. I love working with people who wants to push me to move forward. I would be glad to hear news from you.
  • I would like to apply as a line worker. I am good at fixing the electricity system and willing to work flexible hours. Let me know if I am a perfect fit for your business.

That is all our summary of the line worker job description. We hope this will help you decide your career path.

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