Cable Technician Job Description: Getting Know The Duties And Requirements


Have you asked a person to repair your entertainment systems at home? That person is probably the cable technician. They are generally repairing, installing, and maintaining the television services and residential internet cable for businesses or homes. If you have questions about how to get this job, please check out the cable technician job description down below for further information.

The Primary Aspects Of Responsibility Of Cable Technician Job Description

A professional cable technician provides high-quality services and efficient works to company specifications. It means they have to do some responsibilities as a cable technician, including:

1. Maintaining The Cable Infrastructure

A cable technician must know how to repair and install the cable infrastructure. Their jobs are ensuring the maintenance of cabling systems. The cable infrastructure will relocate or connect the cables based on company specifications. They also remove some redundant cabling and troubleshoot some issues related to the cable network.

2. Installing Devices

The cable technician is responsible for installing routers, televisions, internet devices, and some cable supports. They also complete some paperwork such as checklist, timesheets, and device inspections.

3. Repairing Towers And Cable Poles

In this case, a cable technician makes sure all crucial cables are bundled and neatly tied based on safety regulations.

The Primary Aspects Of Requirement Of Cable Technician Job Description

As a cable technician, you have to work in heights, cramped spaces, and interact with clients professionally. So, here is some requirement if you want to apply this position, including:

1. Have A Good Experience In Such A Field

A company will choose someone who has good work experience in electrical systems as a cable technician. You can apply this job which at least has a degree in GED or high school diploma with good science and mathematics knowledge.

2. Have Ability Related To This Job

You have to be able to install any sophisticated equipment in the cable system. You have to work in such heights and cramped spaces. You have to be able to diagnose and fix the problems. They also will recruit an employee who has excellent interpersonal and communication skills.


1. What’s a Cable Technician Job?

A cable technician is a person that maintain, install, and repair the internet cable system or television for some business clients and residential. The professional cable technicians generally install voice cable systems and data for home routers, residential television systems, and some cabled devices.

2. What should the recruiter know before writing the Cable Technician Job Description?

You must consider and understand all the requirements of this position to hire an excellent, well-organized, and reliable cable technician. To ensure getting a professional cable technician, the recruiter must follow the requirements and duties of a cable technician beforehand. After understanding it correctly, the recruiter can start writing the job description.

3. What is the responsibility of a Cable Technician Job?

The everyday duties of the cable technician job description are setting ground cables, installing some equipment, working on poles, and repairing the cable system’s problems. They have to deal with the electrical system, cable technology, and home entertainment system.


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