Automotive Technician Job Description and its role 

An automotive technician is usually found in the mechanic shop. The main task of this job is responsible to repair and preventive the maintenance of the automotive equipment. Besides, a technician also performs emission inspection, diagnostic testing of vehicle, and also replacement of the worn component. Here, we will talk about the automotive technician job description and its FAQ that should be known.

The automotive technician responsibilities 

The responsibilities of an automotive technician that should be known are:

  • Recognize the problems with vehicles using the analytic equipment
  • Make maintenance and repair on customer vehicles
  • Design the repair procedures using the charts manuals and also the experience
  • Examine the functionality of parts and arrangement
  • Reparation and substitute the brake pads, wheel, bearings, sensors, and other parts
  • Prepared to get an additional warranty as needed

The automotive technician requirements

For automotive technician recruitment, these are some requirements to be fulfilled for the candidate interested in this job. The common requirements are:

  • Experiencing in automotive and engine repair or auto mechanic training
  • Having ASE certifications required
  • Graduated from an associate degree program in auto maintenance and repair
  • Capable to maintain a professional presence and providing friendly customer service
  • Do the routine keep and other tasks in a fast-paced environment
  • Have to read, interpret, and transcribe the data to keep the accurate records
  • Understanding of automotive air-conditioning system
  • Familiarity with heavy equipment and as a diesel mechanic, diesel engine, or prepared to do on the job training

Automotive technician FAQ:

What is an automotive technician?

An automotive technician is an employee that inspects, maintain, and repair the vehicles. They usually perform daily automotive maintenance tasks such as oil changes, tire rotation, air conditioner re-charges, transmission flushes, and also battery or headlight/ tail light installation.

What are the duties of an automotive technician?

The main automotive technician duties are conducting the necessary repairs and taking the vehicles for test drives to verify the soundness. Besides, they also perform an emission inspection, diagnostic testing vehicles, and also replacement of the worn component.

What is an automotive technician called?

For some reason, the automotive technician has some different names on the company or organization. Sometimes, they also called an Auto mechanic. Moreover, if you ask about the job description, it will have a specific title or caller on the company.

Can I Edit the automotive technician job information?

Of course, you can edit this automotive technician job information. This description will be great if you can reflect on the company’s specific needs. You also can feel free to customize or edit our description to get a list that works for your business.

What information should I include to post a technician job?

In this idea, you should provide information about technician requirements at your company. Adding the details on your automotive service technician job description is also important and begins to design with the job listing.

Do you have an interview question for an automotive technician?

We have some interview questions to go with all of our automotive technician job descriptions. You can click here to review the technician review questions.

Description: the automotive technician job description is an important document to be prepared when you want to make your recruitment getting success.





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