Maintenance Worker Job Description and the FAQ

A maintenance worker is found in the building construction. The main task of a maintenance worker is plumbing work, painting, flooring repair, and also the electrical repairs. In other words, a maintenance worker will help the customers to repair any broken parts of the building. Here, we will talk about the maintenance worker job description and its FAQ that will help you to know how to create this one.

The responsibilities of a maintenance worker 

There are some responsibilities for maintenance work that should be understood, such as:

  • Conduct the routine inspection of premises and the tools
  • Perform a preventative maintenance
  • Oversee the contractors when the professional repairs are necessary
  • Perform cleaning activities including dusting, mopping, sweeping, and many more
  • Check the control panels and electrical wiring to identify the issues
  • Ensure adherence to quality standards and health and also safety regulation
  • Diagnose the mechanical issues and correct them
  • Repair the machines, equipment, or structure as needed

The requirements of the maintenance worker 

Being a maintenance worker, there are some requirements that should be fulfilled for the applicant. The common requirements are:

  • Minimally high school diploma or general education degree
  • Confirmed maintenance experience
  • Able to take the part machine, equipment, or devices to remove and replace the defective parts
  • Capable to use common tools including hammers, hoists, drills, saws, and wrenches
  • Great organizational and follow up the skills
  • Professional presentation and attitude
  • Able to maintain and focus while working independently
  • Handing on experience with hand and electrical tools
  • Good communication and interpersonal skills
  • Strong time organization skills

Maintenance Workers FAQ:

What are the maintenance worker duties?

The main maintenance worker’s job duties are cleaning and repairing the facilities and also the tools. Besides, they also fix and maintain mechanical equipment, machines, and also buildings. You can find some lists of the job description, services, and also others for maintenance workers.

What other titles for the maintenance worker job description?

The call for maintenance workers may vary by the company because it usually reflects their special skills and also their expertise. To attract the candidate, you also can post a maintenance person job with a descriptive title or property maintenance job description and many others.

May I edit the maintenance worker’s job description?

Sure, you may. Please feel free to change our maintenance job description and the duties to provide information about the skills and also the qualities that you like to see on your next hire. You can add some requirements and job responsibilities suitable for your business.

You also can review the detailed maintenance worker job description as we have mentioned above. From the review above, you can get more inspiration to make a great job description easily.

Do you have an example of an interview question for a maintenance worker?

We also have some interview questions for all of the job description templates. After you have looked at the maintenance worker job description and also created a listing for your company, you will be able to create some interview questions without any difficulties.

Description: a maintenance worker job description is important because it will help you to make recruitment and it will make your business run efficiently.



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