Custodian Job Description – What To Know Before Posting A Job Description


A custodian is responsible for keeping the building clean and well-maintained. This also includes the surrounding of the buildings or as required by the employer. Being a custodian requires a fit condition along with other job requirements in this article that you have to pay attention to. Before you write the custodian job description, make sure you understand the skills, requirements, and duties.

The Responsibilities In The Custodian Job Description

There are some responsibilities to know when someone wants to be a custodian, which the individual should do the following job.

Building Management

The building management covers sweeping, vacuuming and also vacuuming the floors. The custodian also has to wax the furniture and also dispose of the trash. The building should be free from pests.


The maintenance includes cleaning the equipment, do some minor repairs, maintaining the equipment and making sure all of the equipment and lights are off when it is not used.


If it is needed, the custodian can also collaborate with the contract cleaning services to help him/her to do the job,

What Are The Requirements To Be Custodian?

  • Education – The candidate must at least have GED, school diploma or others that are equivalent. The person should be able to perform basic math and have knowledge in using the cleaning equipment.
  • Skills – The skills required include having the ability to handle basic repairs, outstanding organization skills, work with minimal supervision skills and also physically fit and strong.

A custodian is required to be physically good in posture because he needs to perform a task that requires height. Besides, it is safer to hire a man as the custodian has a job related to physical activities that women rarely can do. But if you want to hire a woman, then make sure she meets the standards and has experience in the related field. Being a custodian can be risky if the house often has venomous animals come over.


What’s A Custodian’s Job?

A custodian deals with building treatments and make sure the building is well-maintained in terms of functionality and also aesthetically.

What To Consider Before Posting A Custodian Job Description?

A custodian sounds like a simple job, but it actually requires many aspects to consider. Most importantly, because this relates with your house or buildings, you have to understand what aspect a custodian can do for you. For example, the building is near the lake and it caused mold in some areas. You might want to find a candidate that knows well about the wall construction. Besides, responsibilities and requirements should align with your needs.

What Are The Duties of A Custodian?

A custodian generally has a list of responsibilities such as cleaning the ceilings, walls, window and others. The main duties of a custodian are to make sure everything is well-maintained and this based on the homeowner’s request.

Knowing the responsibilities and duties of a custodian helps you a lot in writing the custodian job description. You can understand the general requirements to be a custodian.

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