Quantity Surveyor Job Description – What Do You Need To Evaluate?


The quantity surveyor a.k.a cost consultant is responsible for overseeing the building project to stay within budget. This position is assigned to analyze and improve the building budget from material estimation, laborer budget, design budget, and many more. This is why the quantity surveyor has to liaise with the architects, builders, engineers, and other departments to make sure the budget is well distributed. You can read the quantity surveyor job description in the following summary.

The Responsibilities In The Quantity Surveyor Job Description

There are some responsibilities to note if you want to become a quantity surveyor.


The main task of a quantity surveyor is to review the plan of the construction. He/she must prepare the quantity requirements too. The person must scrutinize the material and maintenance costs to make the best deals.


The surveyor also has to assist and liaise with the clients, managers, contractors as well as subcontractors. He/she has to advise the clients and managers about the strategies that can be improved to fix the budgeting.


The quantity surveyor also has to prepare reports, contract analyses, risk assessments, budgets, and others. The person must also record the changes and budget updates.


Furthermore, another task required is establishing the relationship between internal and external stakeholders. The surveyor also has to travel from various sites if it is needed.

Requirements Of A Quantity Surveyor

The quantity surveyor candidate should fulfill the following requirements:

  • Educational background – The candidate must have engineering, quantity surveying or management degree. It is also required to have experience in the related field.
  • Skills – The skills required are having a strong knowledge of finance and construction. The person must have a negotiation, interpersonal, networking and analytical skills.


What ‘s A Quantity Surveyor’s Job?

The quantity surveyors are responsible for the building project to stay within budget. In this case, they provide estimation for the material costs, laboring, etc related to the budget for the project. This is why their main responsibilities are also liaison the architects, builders, engineers, and others.

How to become a quantity surveyor?

To become a quantity surveyor, make sure you understand well about the quantity surveyor job description. Complete the qualification from the educational background and the skills required. You can also explore a list of apprentice opportunities so you can improve your resume and get a bigger chance to be a quantity surveyor.

If you are asking about the possibility of a quantity surveyor candidate without a degree, it will be lower. You can possibly become the surveyor but you have to gain experience and struggle to prove you can handle the responsibilities.

What Are The Prominent Duties Of A Quantity Surveyor?

The main duties of a quantity surveyor include analyzing the existing budget, reviewing plans, making plan improvements, negotiating and preparing the quantity estimates.

To be a successful quantity surveyor, you have to evaluate your quantity surveyor job description well. Improve your skill and experience before deciding to be working in this field.

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