Home Based Data Entry Typist Job Description – What Are Requirements You Must Know?



A home-based data entry typist is responsible for creating a transcript from a source with certain formats. The sources provided are usually in the audio format and the person must be able to dig the information correctly. for further details about this position, you can learn it from our short resume about the home-based data entry typist job description.

The Main Responsibilities In The Home Based Data Entry Typist Job Description

Gather And Manage The Information

The main job of a home-based data entry therapist is to gather and manage the information from the material. Whether it is explicit or implicit, the data entry typists must be able to figure out the information said by the speakers in the audio. Furthermore, the typist must also type reports, memorandums, and other required documents using word software.


Besides organizing the data, the person who is in charge must do proofreading and amending the mistakes before submitting the tasks to the clients.

Making Submission and Organize it

The data entry typist must submit the work through mail or post. The data must also organize the information after completing the assignments and make sure they maintain the record of tasks based on the contract. Additionally, the data entry typist must be able to keep up-to-date with the word software.

The Requirements To Be A Home Based Data Entry Typist

To be a home-based data entry typist, the candidate must have the following requirements:

  • Educational background – The candidate must have at least a high-school diploma, and be proficient in using the Microsoft office. Also, having an experience related to the field will be very beneficial.
  • Skills – The skills required are having communication skills, organizational skills, and computing skills. Besides, the person must love details and be able to work under supervision.


What Does A Home Based Data Entry Typist Work On?

A home-based data entry typist is a person that is responsible to type the information they have obtained from the sources. Usually, the source is in the form of audio. They are assigned to transcript the information and submit it in the required format.

What Do You Need To Consider Before Posting The Home Based Data Entry Typist Job Description?

Things that you need to do before releasing a hiring project is to understand the basic tasks of a home-based data entry typist. You have to know also about the requirements and skills to apply in the position.

What Are The Home Based Data Entry Typist Main Duties?

The main task of this position is to make a transcript of the information obtained in an accurate manner and then submit it based on the deadlines. Besides, the typist must write it in certain formats.

By knowing the main tasks of a based data entry knowledge, we expect you will get the best ideas on writing the requirements and skills to have by the candidates. Of course, the ones that suit your company.

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