CAD Operator Job Description – Everything You Need To Understand


CAD stands for Computer-Aided Design. The CAD operator typically works in the construction companies and perform various tasks such as technical drawings, draft plants and also creating blueprints for companies. They also work with architects, engineers, and also clients. In this article, you will learn further about the CAD operator job description.

The Tasks To Do In The CAD Operator Job Description

  • Translating and interpreting the briefs from the clients, architects, and engineers.
  • Ensuring all the draft plans and drawings are complete with specifications.
  • Using CAD software to make a rough sketch before preparing for detailed plans, drawings, and also blueprints.
  • Going to the sites to get more accurate information and also determine the feasibility and limitations.
  • Updating the tools and software as well as drawings along with other documents.
  • Staying professionals in doing changes and getting feedback.
  • making sure all the drawings are complying with the engineering principles and regulations.
  • Discussing the potential design with the architect and engineers.
  • Doing research.
  • Explaining the technical aspect to the team and clients.


Skills And Requirements In The CAD Operator Job Description

To be a top CAD operator, you need to understand well the technical knowledge in construction, safety and regulations, and complex calculations. This is important to avoid errors during working. In this case, the design is everything that must be calculated well and carefully. The following is a list of skills to know if you want to be successful as a CAD operator:

  • Meeting the related requirements such as academic background and certification.
  • Excellent skill at using CAD software.
  • Having long experience in operating the CAD software.
  • Having a strong knowledge of construction and engineering.
  • Having excellent skills in communication and attention.
  • Excellent work ethic and capability in receiving feedback.
  • Having a strong willingness to learn and work under pressure.

Working as a CAD operator sometimes requires you to spend a lot of hours fixing the drawing based on the client’s and team’s expectations, which is why this position holds a lot of pressure. But once you master all the skills and understand what the clients and teams want, it will get easier to tackle.

However, first of all, understand that if you want to attract the employer, it always begins with an excellent resume. You can copy the following objective statements to make an outstanding resume:

  • I am graduating from engineering and able to use CAD software. I am excellent at listening and drawing. To gain more experience and skill I am willing to join your company and grow as a person.
  • My goal is to have a strong skill in drawing the construction and I would like to begin with the CAD software. I am willing to learn something new, work under pressure, and long hours. My hobby is drawing animation. Let me know if I am a good fit for your company. I would be glad to present my skill.

With the summary we have provided for you, we hope you will get some inspiration in writing your resume and decide your career.

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