Autocad Drafter Job Description – Requirement To Be A Good AutoCad Dafter


The AutoCAD drafter works with the AutoCAD software and they work with engineers, architects, and designers. The main work of this position is to make a 2D and also 3D building models from the scratch. That’s why the person who is working in this position should meet the engineer, architect, and designers. For further details, you can read our short resume about the AutoCAD drafter job description bellow.

What Are The Responsibilities In The Autocad Drafter Job Description?

There are some responsibilities that should be done as an AutoCAD drafter, which are:

Conducting A Meeting

The meeting that is often be conducted is purposed to design the concept and the ideas, so it will be easier for the AutoCAD drafter to understand it and turn it into a visual result.

Developing Product

The next thing to do is developing a product design which they should be able to do it from scratch. The product developed has to meet the safety and structural procedure. After that, the AutoCAD drafter should present rough ideas to get approval. The product should be done aesthetically.

Presenting The Design

An AutoCAD drafter also needs to present the product to get approval from the clients. They will present various design perspective for construction adaptation and implementation. Furthermore, they are also responsible for finalizing the AutoCad design and creating job reports too.

What Are The Requirements To Be An Autocad Drafter?

There are some requirements to be an AutoCAD drafter, which are as follow:


Having a bachelor’s degree in architecture, computer science and also engineering. The candidate is also required to have experience in a related field.


The skills required to be an AutoCAD drafter are having knowledge in operating AutoCad, and Cad software. The candidate also has to master science, mathematics, architecture, and engineering. Excellent design, communication, ability to manage a project, knowledge in aesthetic detail skills are definitely required.


What’s AutoCAD Drafter’s job?

An AutoCAD drafter is obligated to meet the engineers and architect to discuss certain concepts before releasing the fixed design for a building. The person who is responsible for this position will discuss bout solid surface models, product design, CAD models etc. To be an AutoCAD drafter, the individual should meet certain standards as we have mentioned before.

What Are To Consider Before Posting An Autocad Drafter Job Description?

Besides a list of academic requirements, you have to know the responsibilities, skills, and duties for an AutoCAD drafter. In this way, you can set a certain standard when you are hiring a new drafter and eases the individual who is in this position to handle the task well.

What Are The Duties Of An Autocad Drafter?

There are various duties that should be finished by an AutoCAD drafter. This includes conducting a meeting with the partners in developing designs. The drafter should present the design, finalizing the designs, etc.

Without forgetting the main requirements such as skills, education, and ability to do certain duties, you still have another factor to consider when hiring someone to fill this position. We hope our AutoCAD drafter job description helps you.

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