Direct Sales Representative Job Description


Direct sales representative job description describes one’s position and responsibility as the face of the company. The representative will have to present products and services of the firm and make the customers aware of them. Here is what you need to know about this job position in companies.

What Direct Sales Representative Has to Do?

With one responsible as the face of the company, direct sales representative position requires one to do several things. Their main task of course, is to persuade customers to buy company’s products or services. Thus, it becomes necessary for the sales representative to be knowledgeable of them all.

You will deal with customers’ questions, like how much they are priced, how many products and services are available, and what their features and even benefits are. Besides the main one, there are other important responsibilities of the business direct sales representative that then follow too.

One of the responsibilities is for the business company sales representative to increase the sales. To do that, the business direct sales representative has to make research concerning the competing products. It will help the representatives identify the opportunities necessary for the sales increase.

The sales representative job description also includes one’s requirements to be qualified for the position. Since the representative has to face potential customers and close sales, one needs to have necessary skills to negotiate and convince to make their purchase of company products and services.

Direct Sales Representative Responsibilities:

  • Present products and services and demonstrate their features
  • Get sales proposals ready for potential buyers and close sales
  • Schedule appointments for product presentation to customers
  • Research to identify strategies for product marketing and pricing
  • Meet sales quotas and complete sales reports in regular basis

Direct Sales Representative Requirements:

  • Bachelor’s degree in related field, such as Marketing
  • Work experience in sales and related work field
  • Great communication skills for effective conversation
  • Strong skills in demonstration and negotiation
  • Good networking skills for research and communication


What is Direct Sales Representative?

The job of direct sales representative focuses on presenting products and services on behalf the company to targeted customers. The representative also has to be responsible of all necessities to increase the sales, from researching competing products to making strategies for the firm marketing.

How does one fit the position of the said sales?

To qualify for the job position, the job applicants have to meet several requirements. They will be required to have both the knowledge and experience of the field. Several skills for communication and negotiation are also needed to further support the representative in selling products or services.

How to best make the application for the position?

To be worth considered for the position, the applicants need to make the job application as effective as possible. Through direct sales representative job description, you know what must be met. So, based on that, include only relevant data about yourself. Prioritize the most important ones as well.


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