Customer Service Representative Job Description and Its FAQ

For retail or a common company, the customer service representative is an important position with a huge responsibility. Based on the customer service representative job description, an individual in this position should help the customers with questions and complaints. Besides, they also should give detailed information on products to assist the customers in transactions.

Customer Service Representative Template

The template of a customer service representative job description is an important document to be known, especially for a manager who wants to hire new staff. This document will show the basic information and requirements to be prepared, so the hiring process can be done well.

On another hand, through the template, what a candidate should do after joining the team can be shared. Yes, a customer service representative has some responsibilities, especially to process some orders, escalate complaints, assisting customers, and others.

For a candidate, to be a successful customer service representative, they need to have good communication skills both written and verbal. Besides, they also should have a high ability to work and to operate a computer with some basic software.

Customer Service Representative Responsibilities

The main responsibility of a customer service representative is to assist the customers. However, for detailed information, these are kinds of customer service representative’s responsibilities to be known, such as:

  • Ensuring customers satisfaction and providing professional support for customers
  • Managing a team of the junior customer service representative
  • Providing feedback to get more efficient progress for the customer service representative
  • Communicating and coordinating with the colleagues when it is needed
  • Keeping the records of the customer interactions, transactions, complaints, and comments
  • Processing the forms, orders, applications, and requests
  • Knowing the products with its detailed information
  • Communicating with the customers using various channels
  • Maintaining the positive, empathetic, and professional attitude to the customers

Customer Service Representative Requirements

To handle all responsibilities as mentioned before, a candidate for a customer service representative should have some needed requirements. The detailed requirements to join becoming a customer service representative are:

  • General education degree, high school diploma, or equivalent
  • Ability to stay calm when finding stressed or upset customers
  • Comfortable operating computers
  • Experience working with the support for customers
  • High communication skills both verbal and written
  • In-depth knowledge about the company managements
  • Ability to explain a product in details

Customer Service Representative FAQ

What is a customer service representative?

A customer service representative is an important agent inside a company. They have a task to provide helpful information to the customers. Besides, an individual in this position also should be able to answer some questions and respond to some complaints.

What are the duties of a customer service representative?

Substantively, these are some duties that should be handled by a customer service representative. However, an individual in this position has some main duties, such as answering some calls, helping customers in transactions, and managing some products.

May I edit the posted customer service representative job description?

Of course, you may. The basic customer service representative job description on this page is made editable. You may use it to make the document in hiring a new customer service representative. Just download the basic template and then change the information based on your needs.


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