Guest Service Representative Job Description – What To Include In The Writing


The guest service representative is the most important thing in the hospitality business. They will be the front-liners who handle the customers and provide the best information related to the hotels. Even, they are the one who finishes the disputes among guests and the hotels. In short, the guest service representative handles so many jobs. If you want to learn further about it, the following resume of the guest service representative job description might be very helpful.

The Responsibilities In The Guest Service Representative Job Description

Handling Administration

The guest service representatives handle various administration. Once the guests entering the hotel, they will greet them upon arrival so the guest will feel welcomed. The administration staff here covers the check-ins, check-outs, assigning rooms, etc.


Because they are the first liners that record the guests’ information, they have to do coordinate with other hotel staff from delivering messages, staff management and bell service, processing meal, and beverage and also adjusting the request.

Problem Solver

Another important responsibilities handled by the guest service representative is handling the conflict. If there is tension between the guests and hotel staff, they will be the one who make an effort to fix it.

What Are The Requirements To Become A Guest Service Representative Job Description?

There are several requirements that a candidate should fulfill if he/she wants to fill this position, which is as follow:


The candidate should have at least have GED or school diploma. It is preferred to have at least two years of experiences.


Because their job is dealing with people, the candidates should have excellent interpersonal, communication, time management, organizational, conflict resolution and patience skills. At this point, the guest representative will deal with a lot of conflicts, questions, complaints, request and many unpleasant things from the guest. This is why the person who is working in this position is expected to have a high level of patience and knowledge about hostility. Also, being able to work with a team is a must.


What’s The Guest Service Representative’s Job?

The guest service representative has responsibilities to handle various administrative stuff, providing a front desk for the guests, fixing tensions between hotel staff and customers. They also handle payment and give information about hospitality service.

What Are To Consider Before Posting A Guest Service Representative Job Description?

The hospitality business is in fact a complicated business. Before you start creating a job description, you need to consider certain aspects that are needed by your business, especially the ones that can be handled by the guest service representative. You need to adjust the need clearly so the person who will be working in this position can do the job well and you can measure the performance properly.

What Are The General Duties Will Be Done In This Position?

Generally, the guest service representative has to greet customers, handle the administration, processing payments and provide information to the customers.

With careful consideration, you can get the full ideas of creating the guest representative job description. We hope our resume helps you!

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