Call Center Representative Job Description and Its FAQs

The call center representative is an important part of the running of a company. They use their detailed knowledge about the products, services, and policies of a company to assist the caller with a good attitude. Then, they speak to the customers to ask their needs, respond to the complaints, and others. It could be said that the call center representative job description is quite complex.

Call Center Representative Job Description Template

On this occasion, we are hiring for a professional and polite call center representative to work closely with the team members. Of course, the main job is to answer the questions, handle the complaints, give a solution to the problem asked by the customers with the company’s product and service.

A call center representative also may handle the high volume of outbound and inbound calls. They should listen to the caller carefully to understand the reason why the caller asks the question or make a call, including their complaints.

To be a successful call center representative, of course, you –as the candidate, should be the customer-focused, have an orientation in detail, and efficient. Then, you also should be reliable, adaptable and knowledgeable.

Call Center Representative Responsibilities

A call center representative has several responsibilities to be known and handled, as:

  • Answering or sometimes making calls to the client to learn about the reason for calling, listen to the complaints, or other issues about the products and services of the company.
  • Responding accurately and efficiently to the callers
  • Explaining the possible solutions for the complaints of the callers, ensuring that the callers get what they want
  • Engaging in active listening with the callers
  • Confirming and clarifying the information to the caller
  • Building lasting relationship with the clients and the team members based on the reliability and trusts
  • Utilizing the database, scripts, tool, and software that are applied
  • Understanding the callers well and give consistent service for the customers
  • Adhering the detailed procedures and policies of the company

Call Center Representative Requirement

To be a good call center representative, these are some common requirements to be understood. The commonly asked requirements in the recruitment process are:

  • High school diploma for last education or equivalent
  • More education or experience may be preferred by the company
  • Exceptional customer services
  • Have a good communication skill both written and verbal, active listening and professional phone voice
  • Understanding the detailed products, services, and policies of the company
  • Proficiency with the computers, especially with the software of CRM and has strong typing skills
  • Strong and good time management
  • High decision-making skills
  • Accountability and adaptability
  • Fluency in multiple languages may be preferred

Call Center Representative FAQs

What does a call center representative do?

The call center representative provides support for the clients who ask about the products, features, and services of the company. They also become the bumper for the company to build trust for the clients.

Can I edit the call center representative job description here?

Of course, you can. The available job description for the call center representative here is editable. You could get it by clicking the download button and then edit it with the wording application.

Do you have interview questions for the call center representative?

We have several samples of interview questions besides the call center representative job description. You may find it on another side of this page.

Description: A call center representative job description will help you to make a good recruitment system, so the running of the company could be maximized.


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