Account Manager Job Description and Its FAQ

For a company, an account manager has an important role and it is very influential. It could be seen through the account manager’s job description. Inside the job description, it could be known that an account manager will advocate the client and work with the internal department. This responsibility runs to satisfy the clients. Then, they also will help to handle the complaints from the clients.

Account Manager Job Description Template

For the recruitment, a template of an account manager’s job description is quite important. A template will show the detailed responsibilities of an account manager and its requirements. Then, through a template, you do not need to make the paper of recruitment from a blank document.

In common, a candidate of an account manager should be proactive and be passionate about the products of the company. They also should pay more attention to the clients they serve. Besides, an account manager also needs to work with the related staff, especially to assist the process.

To be a successful account manager, a candidate should have strong communication skills both verbal and written. On another hand, problem-solving skills also will be considered in recruiting new employees. Those are some details that you need to write on the job description.

Account Manager Responsibilities

Serving the clients become one of the most important roles of an account manager. Then, they also need to help the staff, especially in making reports. Substantively, an account manager also has some other responsibilities to be prepared. These are:

  • Making a deep communication with the clients to understand their need
  • Explaining the values of products to the clients
  • Building a strong relationship with the clients based on respect and trust
  • Collaborating with the internal departments to facilitate the clients who need some help
  • Keeping the accurate record of the inventory
  • Maintaining the newest products and procedures of the company
  • Resolving complaints from the clients and preventing additional issues by improving the process and service
  • Identifying the trends of an industry
  • Acting as an advocate of the client to improve the experiences of the buyers

Account Manager Requirements

To handle all responsibilities as above, a candidate of an account manager should fit with some requirements. The common requirements of an account manager to join the company are:

  • Bachelor’s degree in communication, sales, or related fields
  • More experiences and educations may be preferred
  • Strong communication skills both in verbal and written
  • Ability to track, collect, and analyze a large amount of detailed data
  • Strong skills in problem-solving
  • Excellent listening skills
  • Ability to build the rapport
  • Ability to collaborate with the other staff inside the company and external agents
  • Good understanding skill to know the behavior of consumers
  • Accurate knowledge of products

Account Manager FAQ

What tasks does the account manager do?

Serving the clients becomes the main task of an account manager. However, an account manager also should be active to make a collaboration with other staff in increasing the working of the company.

Can I customize the uploaded sample of the account manager job description?

Definitely yes. The posted sample is editable. You may change the information inside it based on your needs. Just download it and then edit it using Microsoft Word.

What should I include in making this job description?

Complete information on an account manager’s job description should be written in detail. Then, do not forget to write about the facilities that the qualified candidate will get.

Description: An account manager’s job description will be useful to ease recruitment. This document tells about the requirements that a candidate should have.


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