Quality Inspector Job Description and Its Requirements

In production running, a quality inspector handles an important job inside the company. Based on the quality inspector job description, an individual inside this position will monitor the quality of the product both incoming and outgoing. On another hand, they also should conduct tests, analyze measurement, oversee the process of production, and others.

Quality Inspector Job Description Template

Since the important jobs of a quality inspector, recruiting a talented agent becomes what the manager must do. By having a talented quality inspector, the goals of the company could be reached well. As we know, an individual in this position should control the safety regulations.

In the recruitment process, a manager may need to use a template. A template of the quality inspector job description will show what a candidate should do before joining the recruitment process. On another hand, the template is also useful as an additional reference.

Then, for the candidate, to be a successful quality inspector, they need to have good management skills. The high attention to detail and excellent technical skills also become essential matters that a candidate should have.

Quality Inspector Responsibilities

Managing the running of production becomes the main task of a quality inspector. However, substantively, they have some other responsibilities to handle. The responsibilities are:

  • Performing the regular assessment for the incoming and outgoing materials, especially for shipping
  • Rejecting all materials and products that fail based on the standards of the quality expectations
  • Reading the blueprints, plans, and specifications to understand the detailed requirements of the services and products
  • Measuring the dimensions of the products, examining the function, and comparing the final products based on the specifications
  • Recommending the improvement for the process of productions to ensure the quality control
  • Documenting the outcomes of inspection by completing the detailed reports
  • Supervising the running of production processes
  • Resolving the quality-related issues

Quality Inspector Requirements

To handle all responsibilities as mentioned before, a candidate for a quality inspector should fulfill some requirements that are needed. The requirements to be fulfilled by a candidate of a quality inspector are:

  • Strong understanding of the standards of quality controls and the techniques of testing
  • Good technical and math skills
  • Excellent knowledge about Microsoft Office
  • Proven experience in similar roles
  • Certification in quality control
  • High school diploma or equivalent qualification
  • Good communication skills both written and verbal
  • Innovative thinker

Quality Inspector FAQ

What does a quality inspector do?

Controlling the processes of production becomes the main task of a quality inspector. However, an individual in this position also should be able to increase the production technique, so the failed production could be maximally decreased.

Can I customize the posted quality inspector job description?

The posted job description of a quality inspector here is a sample. It means you could edit it based on what your company needs. To edit the document, download it first and then edit it using Microsoft Word.

What to include inside the quality inspector job description?

To make a detailed quality inspector job description, you need to write what the candidate should do here. Then, do not forget to write the facilities that they will get after selected from the recruitment process.

Description: A quality inspector job description tells about the requirements that a candidate should have to be a new employee of a company. It becomes another reference for recruitment.


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