Videographer Job Description and Its FAQ


For the graphic company, a videographer sits with some important tasks and roles. Based on the videographer job description, an individual in this position has some responsibilities for planning, filming, and editing kinds of videos. Those videos can be applied for various projects, such as advertisements, movies, or television shows.

Videographer Job Description Template

The graphic company will hire a talented and organized videographer to work with the team. They will have responsibilities to plan, film, and edit some videos based on the briefs of the clients. On another hand, they also should provide a creative idea when it is needed.

For the recruiter, during the recruitment process, knowing the template of the videographer job description is needed. The template will show detailed information to be attached to the document. On another hand, a template also can be a reference to make a clear recruitment document.

Then, for the candidate, to be a successful videographer, they need to have a good ability to know the briefs from the clients. Besides, they also need to have a creative mindset, so they will be capable of making great ideas for video graphics with different details.

Videographer Responsibilities

Making the videos based on the briefs of the clients become the main responsibility for the videographer. However, they also still have some responsibilities to be faced, such as:

  • Filming some videos based on the brief of the briefs of the clients and setting the location
  • Ensuring the shooting equipment is working well without any problem
  • Planning the shoot with the creative team and the clients
  • Edit the footage in post-production to maximize the result of filming
  • Direct the other camera operations to take the videos
  • Planning the ideas of video based on the trends
  • Directing the shooting from the starting to the finishing
  • Editing the videos and cutting unused or bad scenes

Videographer Requirements

To be capable of handling kinds of responsibilities, a candidate of the videographer should fulfill some needed requirements. The requirements here can be the reference by the recruiter to make sure that the selected candidate is a person with high-skilled ability.

Some requirements to be fulfilled by the candidate of a videographer are:

  • Excellent literacy of computer
  • Familiar with the editing software, such as photoshop and others
  • Excellent interpersonal skills
  • Good management skills
  • Creative thinkers
  • Ability to follow the trends of videos
  • Relative fitness and stamina to work long hours
  • Ability to handle the camera equipment
  • Ability to work under pressure
  • Good communication skills both verbal and written

Videographer FAQ

What are the main duties of the videographer?

Making videos from the planning to the execution becomes the main duty of a videographer. However, an individual in this position also should be capable of thinking great ideas to make an original video based on the brief of the client.

Can I edit the job description of the videographer here?

Yes, you can. All samples of the videographer job description here are editable. You can get the samples from this page by clicking the download button and then personalize them using Microsoft Word.


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