Mortician Job Description and Its FAQ


A mortician is known as an embalmer or an undertaker. An individual in this position has an essential job to be done. Based on the mortician job description, an undertaker will prepare deceased people for funerals, wakes, and interment by doing some needs perfectly. On another hand, they also will manage the funeral home to please the clients.

Mortician Job Description Template

Since a mortician has an important role for the funeral, of course, for the management, having a talented mortician is key for their successful business. A talented mortician will be able to provide the clients with all the needs. Then, they also could handle the preparation from the starting to the end.

That is why the template of the mortician job description is needed. A template can be the helper to make the recruitment document. It shows the basic scheme of the document. There is detailed information that the recruiter should write to get a talented mortician.

On another hand, a template of a mortician job description is also helpful. Yes, by using a template, you –as the recruiter, does not need to write recruitment document from a blank paper. With the default information, all you need to do is personalizing the information inside it.

Mortician Responsibilities

Preparing the funeral becomes the main responsibility of a mortician. However, they still have some essential responsibilities to be faced, such as:

  • Driving hearse when it is needed
  • Providing graveside, wake, funeral, and other relevant services
  • Arranging the kinds of flowers, the religious leaders, and the pallbearers for the funeral
  • Dressing, embalming, cosmetically enhancing and casketing the deceased people
  • Making sure that the equipment and preparing room are always clean
  • Referring the clients to reputable counselors of grief
  • Arranging the best transportation for the deceased people
  • Providing detailed pricing information for the clients

Mortician Requirements

To handle kinds of responsibilities as above, a candidate should fulfill some needed requirements. Well, these are some requirements that a candidate can consider before joining the recruitment process.

The requirements are:

  • Associate’s degree in embalming or the mortuary science
  • Valid state licensure as an embalmer and funeral director
  • Proven working experiences as a mortician
  • A valid license for driving
  • Proficient knowledge of various cultures, customs, and religions
  • Excellent social skills
  • Good communication skill both verbal and written
  • Excellent organizational skills
  • Physically dexterous and strong
  • Ability to focus on hours
  • Ability to work under pressure

Mortician FAQ

Can I add or edit the samples of the job description?

Of course, yes. All samples of the mortician job description here have no copyright. It means you are free to edit or to add some other information inside it when you think that it is needed.

What information should I include when I make a mortician job description?

Writing the requirements of the candidate is very essential here. Besides, do bot forget to show the facilities that the selected mortician could get after the recruitment.

Do you have interview questions for a mortician?

Yes, we have. The questions will be very useful for the recruiter to value the ability of the candidate. Here, besides the mortician job description, you may find the interview questions on another side of the page.


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