Occupational Therapist Job Description and Its FAQ

For the medical field, an occupational therapist has an important role to be known. Well, based on the occupational therapist job description, an individual in this position will treat ill, disabled, or injured patients with the special equipment. Besides, they also will have the patients to improve some skills that they need to control their work. Sometimes, they also do long-term patient care.

Occupational Therapist Job Description Template

A template about an occupational therapist job description is an important document to be known. This document will be very useful, especially to help you in recruiting new staff to fill the occupational therapist position. Through this template, you could learn what to write inside the recruiting document.

On another hand, a template of an occupational therapist job description also can be a reference for the recruiter to make some recruitments. Through the detailed matters inside the template, I am sure that you want to have a great and talented occupational therapist can be true.

For the candidate, to be a successful occupational therapist, the need to have in-depth knowledge about treatment practices. Besides, knowledge about physical therapy programs also becomes an important thing to be known.

Occupational Therapist Responsibilities

Doing some therapies becomes the main duty of the occupational therapist. However, an individual in this position has some other duties that should be covered. The responsibilities of the occupational therapist to be known are:

  • Evaluating the condition of the patients based on basic mental health and physical matters
  • Complying with state, federal, and local requirements of certification
  • Maintaining professional knowledge and technical progress to provide the best treatment program for the patients
  • Evaluating the progress and results of the occupational therapies for the patients
  • Educating the family members of the patients
  • Preparing clients to be ready to return to work
  • Developing the physical rehabilitation programs to help the clients regain the lost skills
  • Advising on adaptive equipment to help the clients with the daily activities
  • Assessing a home and work environment of clients
  • Deciding what kinds of adjustments needed by the patients
  • Conducting the psychological and physical assessment of clients

Occupational Therapist Requirements

To handle all responsibilities as mentioned before, a candidate for an occupational therapist should fill some needed requirements. The requirements to be fulfilled in the recruitment process are:

  • A bachelor degree in occupational therapist from the certified university by ACOTE or AOTA
  • Certified by National Board
  • Compliant with the detailed requirements of state healthcare regulatory
  • Excellent interpersonal skills
  • Strong communication skills both verbal and written
  • Ability to take care of clients with different treatments and personalities
  • Comfortable using the computer for different tasks
  • Ability to assess the condition of the patients

Occupational Therapist FAQ

What are the main duties of an occupational therapist?

Doing therapy to control the condition of the patient becomes the main duty of an occupational therapist. On another hand, they also should do some additional treatments to help clients getting back their lost skills.

Is the posted job description of an occupational therapist editable?

Yes, it is. The posted sample of the occupational therapist job description can be edited. You can download it for free and use Microsoft Office to change the information inside it.



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