CNA Job Description and Its Requirements to Know

CNA is an abbreviation from a certified nursing assistant –which is also known as a nurse assistant. The CNA has an important role to provide complete health care from the patients and clients at home, hospitals, and other facilities with the nurse in control direction. Since the important roles, knowing the CNA job description is important, especially for those who want to be a new CNA.

CNA Job Description Template

The presence of a nurse assistant is very essential, especially to help the nurse providing the health service for the clients. The limited nurses become the reason why a nurse assistant is very essential, especially for a big hospital.

On this occasion, we are hiring a new skilled nurse assistant. The nurse assistant will have some responsibilities to take care of the patient and deliver physical support. Besides, a nurse assistant also should make a report and transfer it to the nurse.

To be a good nurse assistant, you need to follow the training seriously and get the certificate of it. Then, a candidate should follow the CNA program to get a nursing degree.

CNA Responsibilities

As we have said before, a nurse assistant has some important responsibilities to handle the patients at the home, hospital, and another facilitate. However, to make a clear explanation, these are some detailed responsibilities of a nurse assistant to be known, such as:

  • Providing care for the patient
  • Answering the calling from the patients and determining the best ways to help them
  • Providing physical support for patients and clients, especially for doing daily activities. The support is also given for personal hygiene for the patient, such as bathing, dressing, getting out from bed, and others.
  • Repositioning and turning the bedridden patient
  • Staying up to date on the training of nurse assistant and its policies and procedures
  • Noting the observations of the patient’s behavior, including physical symptoms, complaints and other matters to be nursed
  • Reminding the patients to take medications
  • Examining the patients to detect the issues
  • Recording the vital signs of the patients, including the blood pressure, temperature, respiration, and others

CNA Requirements

Since a certified nurse assistant has an important role, these are some requirements to be understood when you want to be a candidate for it. Some requirements to be fulfilled in the recruiting process are:

  • State certified nurse assistant certification
  • Nursing degree from the CNA program for the last education
  • Ability to think and work independently and with direction
  • Have a good communication skill with the staff members
  • Current identification
  • Strong computer skills
  • Excellent personal hygiene


What does a CNA do?

A certified nurse assistant will provide health care for the patients. Then, they follow the direction of the nurse and make a report to update the condition of the patients.

Can I edit the posted certified nurse assistant job description on this page?

Yes, you can. The document of the nurse assistant job description is editable. You just need to download it and then edit the information using the word application.

Do you have interview questions for a CNA?

We have several samples of the interview questions to be found on this page. You may find it besides the CNA job description.



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