Neonatal Nurse Job Description –  The Skills and Requirements Needed As A Neonatal Nurse



A neonatal nurse is also called the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) Nurse. The neonatal nurses have a job to take care of the infants with medical problems after birth. The problems can vary from the congenital defects and also surgical problems. Most nurses will take care of infants in the first month after birth until two years old with prolonged problems.

The Responsibilities In The Neonatal Nurse Job Description

Understand the responsibilities of a neonatal nurse to help you get a clearer idea before posting a job description:

Assisting Doctor During Delivery Process

The neonatal nurses are obligated to attend the birth and providing care for the babies right after delivery. They also will oversee and evaluate the infant with the medical issues in the NICU, such as n prematurity case.

Providing Test

The nurses will perform the test and evaluate the result. Besides, they will also provide medication and treatment that is prescribed by the physician. Documentation will also be done by them for further evaluation and records that will be useful in the future.

Providing Equipment

The nurses have a job to provide the equipment in the NICU and also take care of it. Therefore, whenever there is a patient entering the NICU, the nurse will provide the equipment so the infant gets the treatment soon.

Educating Parents

After delivery, the mother needs a lot of support and assistance, for example, breastfeeding, bathing and holding the infants. The nurse will help the parents to get accustomed to it.

Important Requirements In The Neonatal Job Description

Besides understanding the responsibilities and duties, you also have to be familiar with the requirements of a neonatal nurse which are as follow:


A neonatal nurse is required to have a bachelor’s degree and also has a nursing license. The neonatal nurse also should have 2-year experience.


The skills required as a neonatal nurse is having a good knowledge of NICU equipment from feeding pumps, incubator, and ventilator. Besides, the nurses have to able to communicate effectively with a caring and compassionate attitude.


What’s A Neonatal Nurse’s Job?

The neonatal nurse is available to help parents taking care of the newborn child with complications after birth. Sometimes nurses take care of babies up to 2 years old with a long term problem.

What Should You Do Before Posting A Neonatal Nurse Job Description?

Before posting the job description, you need to have some knowledge about what are the responsibilities and requirements to be a neonatal nurse. In this way, you can pick the best candidate to work with you.

What Are The General Duties Of This Job?

This neonatal nurse has a job to take care of babies with health problems from monitoring, performing the test, dealing with the administration until documenting the health record.

After you have been familiar with the responsibilities, requirements, and duties of the neonatal nurse job description, it is expected that you will find the best candidate to work with you.

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