ER Nurse Job Description: Get To Know The Duties And Requirements


ER (Emergency Room) nurses work on the first line to respond to patients with injuries, trauma or allergic reactions as soon as possible. If you want to apply for this position, you can read this ER nurse job description. For those who’ll be qualified as ER nurses, they need to do some important duties duo to their jobs. Without any further ado, here are the duties and requirements you need to know.

The Duties Of A ER Nurse

If you want to be an ER nurse, do you know what duties they’re supposed to complete? Well, some responsibilities have been listed below. You can take notes at some important points as a consideration before applying to this position.

1. Ready To Work In Emergency

When you want to be an ER nurse, you should be able to be ready to respond and deal with a medical emergency. Then, you can assess the patients’ needs quickly. You can perform minor medical operations, clean wounds and draw blood. On the other hand, you can treat critical injuries, allergic reactions and trauma.

2. Maintain The Emergency Room

The other duty you must do is maintaining the emergency room, so the emergency room always has good conditions with the right standard. By doing this, you can assist the emergencies with insurance paperwork, so the patient won’t take too long time in the check-in process.

3. Able To Make A Decision In An Emergency Situation

As an ER nurse, you’re supposed to be able to make a strong decision in the emergency room. This is because the patients will need the treatment as soon as possible, so you don’t have too much time to make the decision.

The Requirements In A ER Nurse Job Description

After knowing the duties of an ER nurse, now you can take a look at the requirements below. You can take notes at some points as much as you want. Here are the lists.

1. Have Certain Certifications

If you want to be a candidate for this position, you must have certain certifications. Some certifications you need to have are American Heart Association Basic Life Support (BLS), Certified Emergency Nurse (CEN), Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS), Crisis Prevention and Intervention (CPI).

2. Able To Work Under High Pressure

As an ER nurse, you should able to work under high pressure. Besides, you need to pay attention to detail and have good organizational skills. On the other hand, you have to be able to communicate in written and verbal smoothly.


What’s A ER Nurse’s Job?

The ER nurse is responsible to assist doctors during emergencies.

What Should You Do Before Applying On This Position?

You should consider the risk and duties of the job you want to apply to.

What Will You Do The Most As An ER Nurse?

An ER nurse will help the doctors, do minor medical operations and treat patients with critical injury or allergic reactions and trauma.

In conclusion, some responsibilities and requirements have been served in this ER nurse job description. From now on, you can prepare everything for applying foe this position. We’d like to see you around in the future!



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