Room Attendant Job Description: What You Need To Understand To Become A Room Attendant



A room attendant is a person who keeps the guest rooms clean and ensures the customers feel comfortable. If you want this job, take a look at this room attendant job description. The job description below will assist you to prepare the requirements you need and consider the duties as a room attendant. To give a better understanding, this job description will include all duties and requirements of this position you will fulfill in the future. Without any further ado, have a look at the description below.

The Duties Of A Room Attendant

There are several duties of a room attendant that you must accomplish when you’re qualified as a candidate in the future. Some points in the description below can help you to prepare your portfolio, so do not hesitate to take some notes with you. Take a look at the responsibilities below.

Do Some Basic Tasks

As a room attendant, you’re supposed to greet and respond to the guests properly. Also, you need to make beds and even change the bed linen to make sure the room is clean. You also should sweep the floors, vacuum the carpet, and dust the furniture. Do not forget to clean the bathroom and replace the towels and other bathroom stuff, such as soap, shampoo, toothbrush, and toothpaste from time to time.

Restock Foods And Beverages

Another duty you must complete in a room attendant job description is restocking foods and beverages in the minibar for the guests. Besides, you need to report issues and maintenance needs if necessary. You also should update the guest rooms’ status on the assignment sheet and return or restock the cleaning cart when the shift ends. On the other hand, you need to clean public areas too, such as corridors and lobbies.

Some Important Requirements In A Room Attendant Job Description

After you understand all responsibilities of a room attendant, you can have a look at the important requirements below. Some points may be important, so you can take some notes with you. Here are the lists of requirements you need to fulfill as a room attendant.

Certain Degree And Experience Needed

When you want to become a room attendant, graduated from a high school diploma is preferred. Besides, having experience as a guest service and/or housekeeping and using industrial cleaning equipment and products is preferable.

Some Important Skills Needed

Before applying in the room attendant job description, you must able to work with flexible hours and have little or no supervision while facing high-performance standards. Also, you’re supposed to work professionally and able to follow instructions in a polite manner. You also need to have good stamina and physical mobility.


What Is The Job Of A Room Attendant?

A room attendant’s job is to clean the guest rooms and give proper services for the guests. Also, a room attendant will ensure all guests treat politely and knowledgeably.

What Should You Do Before Applying For This Position?

Before applying for this position, you should consider the duties and think about the requirements above.

What Are The Main Tasks In The Room Attendant Job Description?

As a room attendant, he or she will take responsibility to make sure all rooms that are assigned are clean and have high standard service. Also, a room attendant will resolve guest complaints and issues promptly in a polite manner.

In conclusion, before you enroll for this job, you prepare the requirements and consider all responsibilities of the room attendant job description above. Make sure you prepare everything well, so you can have a bigger chance to be qualified as a candidate. See you soon!


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