Nursery Nurse Job Description – The Qualification And Responsibilities To Know



A nursery nurse doesn’t only provide care for the babies and children, but also provides medical care. This is why the nursery nurse works with the gynecologist, obstetricians, and also Delivery Nurses. They will examine, monitor and treat the newborns. In this short resume, you will be familiar with the nursery nurse job description and also the responsibilities.

The Responsibilities In A Nursery Nurse Job Description

There are some responsibilities that will be done by the nursery nurse. Here is the list:

  • Providing various medical care such as performing diagnostic tests, dispensing medication, assisting physicians, treatment administration, operating devices, doing a consultation with the healthcare team for assessments, and making evaluations for the patient’s care plans.
  • Providing infant care after delivery from rocking the babies, feeding the babies, preparing the bottles, change the diapers, giving emotional supports, giving physical comfort and also makes the social interaction available when the parents are absent.
  • Documenting the health record.
  • Communicating the update of the child’s care to the parents, giving education for home care and direct parents to the medical staff for further discussion.
  • Creating a child and develop care plans and making sure the children are happy.
  • Encouraging the children’s development and stimulating them with certain activities during the illness based on their needs.
  • Handling administrative duties such as setting the daily routines and meetings.
  • Promoting health parenting and supporting abused children.

The Requirements Included In The Nursery Nurse Job Description?

To be a nursery nurse, there are some requirements that should be met by the candidates, which are:

  • The candidate should have a bachelor’s or Associate’s degree in nursing. Besides, the individual has a Registered Nursing License.
  • The candidate should have advanced training and certification in Child Care, Neonatal Nursing and also Development.
  • It is preferred if the individual has experience in the NICU.
  • The individual has to be able to handle babies and children with empathy and compassion.
  • The individual has good physical stamina because she/he will work in a long shift.
  • The candidate has good interpersonal skills, critical thinking, innovative skill, and also be able to work in a team.


What’s A Nursery Nurse’s Job?

A nursery nurse provides care for newborns, infants, toddlers and children up to seven years old. The person who is working as a nursery nurse generally is working in the outpatient department, children’s ward and nursery. Others can also work in children’s centers, health centers, and community centers.

What Should You Do Before Posting A Nursery Nurse Job Description?

Before you post a nursery nurse job description, you have to consider certain aspects such as with whom the individual will be working, where the nurse will be working and what skills required to be qualified as the nurse candidate.

What Are The Most Common Duties In The Position?

The general responsibilities of a nursery nurse are not only taking care of the children ad babies but also responsible for providing medical care, guidance to parents and also encouraging the children’s development.

That’s all the short resume about the nursery nurse job description. We hope this will help you in considering the responsibilities and duties.


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