Nanny Job Description: What To Know To Become A Nanny


A nanny is a person in charge of taking care of children. Besides his/her main job is to take care of the children, Nanny also performs chores in a household. The nannies are usually hired by parents or guardian and they need to stay in the house for certain hours while the parents or guardian is going for work. If you are willing to be a nanny, here you can learn about the nanny job description. The description shows you the responsibilities and requirements needed to be a good nanny.

The Responsibilities Of A Nanny

There are some responsibilities a nanny should do. The responsibilities are quite similar to a housekeeper but the main focus of a nanny is taking care of the children. The responsibilities are mentioned below.

1. Taking Care Of The Children

The main job of a nanny is to take care of the children. The way a nanny works depends on the age of the child. If it is an infant or baby, a nanny needs to be extra careful in giving comfort to the baby. If it is a kid of elementary school, a nanny needs extra energy since the kid tends to be very active at that age. Taking care of the children means that a nanny must play with the children or accompany them to play when they are bored.

2. Doing Chores

A nanny has to perform chores such as sweeping the floor, mopping the floor, cleaning the cupboard, etc. The chores are not for indoor activities but also for outdoor activities such as watering the garden. A nanny must be able to cook and make a drink for the children too.

3. Running Errands And Extra Job

If necessary, a nanny can run errands depending on the parents’ order or the children’s order. For example, if the stock is empty, a nanny needs to go shopping.

Some Requirements In A Nanny Job Description

There are the requirements needed to be a nanny. The requirements are shown as follows:

1. Have Certification And Experience

For certification, anyone can be a nanny with a High School Diploma or GED. Besides, a nanny should have 3 years or more experiences to make sure you know the characteristics of children whether they are a baby or a kid of elementary school or higher level.

2. Knowledgeable In Caring Child

A nanny’s supposed to know how to use first aid and also if there is a disaster, the nanny needs to be clever and competent. Also, a nanny is to have positive behavior and a healthy mental. A nanny must be honest, caring, loyal, and strong. Besides, having a valid driver’s license is needed in case the children want to play outside or running an errand.


What Is A Nanny Job?

It is a job to take care of children while the parents are away.

What Must You Do Before Assigning For A Nanny?

You need to consider the responsibilities and required aspects to be a nanny before applying.

What Are The Common Duties Of This Position?

The common duties are taking care of the children and doing chores.

That is all about the duties and requirements in the nanny job description. If you are interested to be a nanny, make sure you prepare the requirements and consider the duties.



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