Respiratory Therapist Job Description – The Ultimate Requirements And Skills You Must Know



The respiratory therapist job description is responsible to support and assist patients with breathing difficulties. This includes certain disease from asthma and emphysema or other condition that makes them difficult to breathe. For further information, read our respiratory therapist job description bellow.

What Are The Responsibilities In The Respiratory Therapist Job Description?

The main responsibilities of a respiratory therapist are as follow:

Monitoring And Assisting The Patients

The main task of a respiratory therapist is to monitor patients when they have breathing difficulties in using tools. For example monitoring the patients’ response to certain therapy such as vital signs, arterial blood gases, lung function changes, etc. After that, the therapist has to consult it with the physician regarding the changes happening.

Coordinating With The Team

Because the physicians cannot work by themselves, they have to be helped by others professional including the respiratory therapist. They have to work together to assist the patients during medical procedures.

Preparing Medical Equipments

The medical equipments that should be prepared are mechanical ventilators, , environmental control system, therapeutic gas administration apparatus, and also the aerosol generators. Maintenance

The therapist also needs to maintain and monitor the chart to obtain important information about the patient’s changes conditions. They also have to measure the arterial blood gases, lung capacity, reading prescriptions, and review other information regarding the patient’s condition as well as equipment repairs when it is necessary.

The Requirements In The Respiratory Therapist Job Description

Education – The candidate must have completed the program of respiratory therapy or has a college course related to the field. They also must have Nationa Board for Respiratory care certificate, RCP license, and LPN  license (or RN license). The candidate also must have experience in intensive, emergency, and respiratory care.

Skills – The skills required include knowledge about pulmonary function and rehabilitation and able to operate the respiratory equipment properly.


What’s A Respiratory Therapist’s Job?

A respiratory therapist is responsible to support and assist the patients with breathing difficulty. They make sure the patients are using the ventilators and other respiratory equipment properly and oversee them for emergency action.

What To Consider Before Posting A A Respiratory Therapist Job Description?

Before posting the job description for your hiring project, it is crucial to know the basic knowledge about what a respiratory therapist does in their work. This includes their responsibilities, tasks, and also requirements. After knowing this, it will be easier for you to measure your standard what are the requirements that should be fulfilled by the candidate.

What Are The Main Duties Of A Respiratory Therapist?

The main duties of a respiratory therapist are providing emergency care, setting up the respiratory equipment, preparing artificial respirations, giving the cardiac massage, maintaining the charts, and assisting with cardiopulmonary resuscitation.

Knowing the basic responsibilities and requirements can help you find the best candidate. It is due to a better and clearer respiratory therapist job description that you write. In conclusion, it is easier for the candidate to review their resume before applying.

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