Dental Hygienist Job Description – What Are The Requirements And Skills To Have?



A dental hygienist is responsible for taking care of the patients’ teeth. The dentist will perform various tasks from doing the checking, maintaining the teeth, fixing the gingivitis, until operating dental tools to support their work. For further explanation, you can check the dental hygienist job description resume in the following article.

What Are The Responsibilities Of A Dental Hygienist?

As dental hygienists have a list of responsibilities in the dental hygienist job description which includes:

Operating Dental Equipments

To support their work, dental hygienists should be able to perform various equipments when doing certain procedures to the patients. This includes cleaning calcareous deposits, accretions and also stain from the teeth which are located beneath the gums.

Doing Checking For Possible Disease

Besides doing dental care, a dental hygienist has to perform some checks, for example, analyzing the possible disease such as cancer.

Creating Report

The dental hygienist also has to make reports for the patient’s medical history after doing diagnosis or during the treatment.


The maintenance is including the dental equipment, gum, and teeth examination, sharpening the instruments, promoting dental care, etc. They also have to work with other dental assistants and dentists to be successfully performing dental procedures.

What Are The Requirements In The Dental Hygienist Job Description?

There are a must-list of requirements that have to be fulfilled by the candidate which are as follow:

  • Education – The candidates have at least an associate’s degree from related fields, for example, Hygiene Program. Another licenses to have are hygiene license, CPR certificate, and have passed the Hepatitis B vaccination.
  • Skills – The skills required includes the ability to perform anesthetic, operate x-ray machine, communication, and computing skills. Additionally, the candidate must have knowledge about dental health and oral hygiene.


What’s A Dental Hygienist’s Job?

A dental hygienist has responsibilities to take care of the patients’ teeth from checking the gingivitis, dental care, making prevention, and others with the purpose to keep the patients well-educated.

What Are Things To Consider Before Posting A Dental Hygienist Job Description?

The dental hygienist has many responsibilities. That means you have to be familiar with the responsibilities so you can set the right standard in your hiring poster. Your consideration is not only about the requirements, but also experiences and skills. In the future, you will not be stressed in looking for a good quality dental hygienist because all you need to do is just set up your standards and requirements.

What Are The Duties Of Becoming A Dental Hygienist?

A dental hygienist is responsible perform various dental procedures from operating x-ray machines, dental care etc.

If you have been familiar with the general dental hygienist, you will be able to post the dental hygienist job description. In the future, you shall get the best candidate. For everyone who is seeking for this position, we hope you get the idea about this job position so you can upgrade your skills.

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