9+ Sample Dentist Curriculum Vitae


Sample Dentist Curriculum Vitae

If you are a certified dentist, writing a tone- or two-page resume is not enough to explain your profile. You need to write a CV! There are countless sample dentist curriculum vitae on the internet. However, your time must be limited. You need a few resumes or CVs that you can download directly with complete details. Here are some of the best CV templates and the example of a dentist’s resume that you can use as a reference.

Sample of Dentist Resume

Christ Nolan

Personal Info

Phone: (876)786-098-657

Email: christ.nolan@gmail.com


A certified dental hygienist with 4+ years of experience in performing dental procedures such as screening disease, assessing oral health, and assisting fellow dental staff. helped more than 3500+ clients in 3 years. New York State license. Implemented a counseling method that increased customers’ satisfaction by 30%.


Dental Hygienist

January 2018 – February 2021

Koiro Dental Clinic, New York, NY

Key responsibilities:

  • Assessed patients oral health, screened disease around the teeth and gums, reviewed oral history, and also periodontal charting.
  • Performed dental x-rays and various scans such as panoramic, bitewing, periapical, and 3D cone beam.
  • Performed plaque removal all around the teeth.

Key achievements:

  • Developed counseling method which increased the customers’ satisfaction by 30%.

General Dentist

January 2016 – December 2017

Manhattan Dental Clinic, New York, NY

Key responsibilities:

  • Performed dental procedures such as tooth extractions and filling cavities.
  • Ordered diagnostic measures for example x-rays, model etch.
  • Educated patients and discussed personal dental treatments such as how to clean the teeth and what to do to avoid problems in the future.


  • Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS)

BHK University of Dental Medicine, New York, NY

Completion: 2020

  • Majoring in Dental Hygiene

Oklahoma Dental Academy, Brooklyn, NY

Completion: 2015

Latest GPA: 3.6

Relevant coursework: Chemistry, Biology, Physiology, Public Health, Biochemistry, Health, and Human Hygiene.

Membership: Street Doctors Club

Key Skills

  • Hard skills: Four-handed dentistry, dental assessments, restorative procedures, crowns, bridges, and veneers.
  • Soft skills: Communication, attention to detail, time management, accountability, leadership, and teamwork.


  • English
  • Portuguese
  • Japanese
  • Mandarin

How Should I Write My Dentist CV?

Writing a CV for a dentist is the same as the regular documents. Generally, the documents must include the following elements:

  • Personal info
  • Personal statements/resume objective
  • Work experience
  • Education
  • Certification
  • Skills
  • Achievements
  • Additional information

You don’t have to include your hobby here because it is not necessary. Remember that the most important is the first page. So, make sure you only include the most crucial information there. Besides, placing the experience as a dentist is more important to prove that you are an eligible candidate.

How Long Should A CV Be?

There is no exact rule on how long a dentist’s CV should be. Usually, it is between 2-12 pages. Remember that if you are using a CV for applying for a job, most hiring managers only look through the most important information. Focus more on the qualifications based on the requirements.

How To Make My Cover Letter Standout?

Creating a cover letter is not about following the standard format. However, you should know the exact essential thing why a cover letter is necessary. It is like the introduction about your personal information. In the cover letter, try to write your achievements that relate to the job description. One or two paragraphs is enough. Besides, only focus on the relevant experience and skills on this part.

Kinds Of Sample Dentist Curriculum Vitae

As usual, we have collected the best resume and CV templates to help you write a better profile for your job application.

General Dentist Curriculum Vitae

If you have just started your career journey as a dentist, probably being a general dentist first can be the best career gate for you. You can learn various things in the field by communicating with patients and handle real tasks. Use this template to write a CV.

Dental Assistant CV Template

For you who are seeking experience as a dentist, being a dental assistant can help you level up your skill. However, it is also not easy to be an assistant. This template is one of the best ones that you can download for free.

Pediatric Dentist Curriculum Vitae

If you have a passion for dentistry and kids, then being a pediatric dentist is the best job for you. This template is created for pediatric dentist candidates who are seeking a new opportunity. Get the best resume writing by downloading this template.

Dentist Curriculum Vitae Example

If you want a complete example of a dentist’s CV, then we recommend you this template. It is a real example of a dentist’s CV that you can learn from. You can also edit it directly using regular software such as MS. Word or Google Docs.

Professional Dentist CV Format

Dentists are not just a profession. This is an honorable profession that has high demand in terms of job vacancies. However, still, you are required to make a professional dentist resume properly. This template can help you create a CV and resume effectively.

Dentist CV Example

It is another example that you need to give a try. The template is editable, classic, and formal. What makes this template good is its simple design, without colorful accents. You can start creating a professional CV using this one.

Entry Level Dentist CV Example

More examples to download with the various format. You can use this template in a PDF, or doc format. Ensure to write a CV with a professional template. This one helps you create a CVprofessionally without missing single detail.

Dental Nurse Sample

For some of you who want to apply as a dental nurse, you will need this template. It is a CV template designed for the nurse with complete details and sections. The layout is standard, elegant, and simple. It is a template that you can use for various disciplines.

That is all our tips and CV templates. Today, writing a CV, resume, or cover letter is not a difficult thing. There are countless templates and examples that you can utilize.


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