7+ Doctor Curriculum Vitae Template


Doctor Curriculum Vitae Template

A doctor is one of the positions that have a lot of challenges to land. To beat others,

first, you need to make a good impression through the curriculum vitae. This is important to summarize your potential properly to get the hiring manager’s attention. Besides, it is not easy to make it as effective as possible, which is why you need to doctor curriculum vitae template.

On this page, you can find endless options about medical doctor CV template word and other formats. Besides, we also provide an example about how to make a resume properly. Check the following example.

Katrina Thaiq

Personal Info

Phone: (777) 165-079-234

Email: Katrina.thaiq@gmail.com


Aim to provide my expertise in giving the best care and help for the sick community as well as regain awareness on how to choose a better lifestyle to maintain their health, thereby raising the name and fame as well as money for ABC Clinic.



Carolina Disaster Response Group


  • Providing emergency care for disaster victims
  • Assessing patients in the emergency room
  • Requesting medical test and treatments
  • Developing care plans for patients
  • Referring patients to specialists

Medical Assistant


  • Doing administration duties such as checking patients before appointments, recording files, answering phones, etc.
  • Recording patients
  • vital signs, documents, and doctor’s notes
  • Taking fluid samples and delivering them to the laboratory
  • Preparing exam rooms
  • Documenting and monitoring the patients’ progress before, and during treatments
  • Administering and preparing medications under the physician’s supervisor


2010 – School of Medicine and Public Health, Wisconsin University

2014 – Bachelor of Science in Medical Science, Hamilton University

2018 – Master of Surgery, Oxford University

GPA: 3.9

Relevant Coursework: Handling Patients Effectively During Post-Disaster

Membership: StreetDoktors Wisconsin

Key Skills:

  • Ability to work in long hours
  • Practical
  • Problem-solving
  • Analytical
  • Leadership
  • Management


  • Student of the Year 2016
  • Vice President of StreetDoktors Wisconsin, 2019


  • English
  • French
  • Japanese

How To Write A Doctor Curriculum Vitae

As a doctor, it is important to acknowledge the aspects of a  good CV. Make sure you follow the following points:

  • Choosing the right format and be aware of the things you write on it.
  • Try to sell yourself by writing some relevant skills, educational background, traits, etc.
  • Choose the right format especially if you write using templates.

How To Make A Doctor Curriculum Vitae Stand Out?

With endless options of doctor curriculum vitae templates, you should be careful because not all templates are built with professional formats. Besides, try to focus on the following things;

  • Personal details
  • Resume objectives
  • The current position
  • Experiences
  • Educational background and qualifications.
  • Certifications
  • Clinical skills and experience
  • Researches if there is any
  • Quality assurance

How To Write A Residency In The CV?

The most important category in a CV is medical education. You have to state the medical school along with the degree, as well as the year of completion. If you have any certifications, add them to your CV too, and don’t forget the specialization such as location, facility, as well as the year of completion.

How To Make An Outstanding CV If I Have No Experience?

Even though most hiring managers will still prefer candidates to have experimented, you still have a chance to get accepted as long as you write the right one. One of the best things to do is maximizing your potential with achievements, volunteer works, and educational background. Once you have enough score on your academic, try to find something that helps your expertise find its way to be useful. Volunteer work is very appreciated to show your dedication.

Kinds Of Doctor Curriculum Vitae Templates

Assistant Doctor

Becoming a doctor assistant can open the game for a brighter career. This template can help you look impressive in front of the employer because it helps you summarize your detail perfectly.

Professional Doctor CV Template

The professional doctor needs a great Cv template to help the candidate write their best expertise and experiences. It helps you decide which types of details you need to put on your CV.

Student Doctor Resume Template

Medical students are often confused with nursing students. It is doctors who do practical tasks in the hospital as students. Of course, if you want to be a student doctor, you need to apply and it should be with a professional resume. You can use this template for free.

Consultant Doctor Resume Template

If you have been through various medical training and procedures, you probably want to apply as a consultant doctor. This template is a good choice to start your career with its focus on educational background, experience, and skills.

Medical Doctor Template

This one is specialized for a medical doctor with a chronological format which is good and easier to understand. Besides, the format makes it easier so you can get easily spotted by the hiring manager.

Dentist Doctor Template

There are many good templates with outstanding designs on the internet. However, not all templates come with professional formats. But you can rely on this template because it is designed by professionals.

Doctor CV Templates

This one is simple and it is a general template you can use for various medical positions. If you want to apply for a doctor position, you can use this template and make your best resume.

Medical Doctor CV Template Word

Everyone must be looking for a template that can be edited with various software. The one in Word format is the most searched because it is easier to edit. You can download this template for free and edit it with MS. Word or other software that comes with similar features.

CV Makers for Doctors

Preparing for documents is already a busy thing and if you have to write the doctor’s resume from the start every time you apply for a job, that will be a waste of time. This template helps you create a CV with the ease that you only need to fill in the details provided. Even, it comes with original content that can help you decide what is the best information to write.


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