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Free Accountant Resume

Being a person who wants to work as an accountant, either you are an experienced one or a beginner, you must be familiar with a professional resume. You will get ideas on things that should be put on a  resume. A professional resume will bring you a step closer to your desired position.

If you are determined to be an accountant, read some resumes intended for getting a job as an accountant. You can also download a free accountant resume or accounting resume sample to guide you in writing your own professional resume.

Sample of Accountant Resume

Below is an example of an accountant resume that can give you inspiration on how to write a professional resume.

Monica Lewis

Personal Info

Phone: (555) 222-222-444

Email: monica.lewis@gmail.com


A results-driven senior accountant with more than 6 years experience, seeking to perform proven skills. Improved cloud-computing practices and saved 600 department hours each year. Found recurring issues and saved $2 million per year.


Senior Accountant at National Express


  • Supporting general accounting functions
  • Improving the use of cloud computing in order to improve data security to save 600 hours each year and saving the department $600,000 annually
  • Identifying company’s issues and saving $2 million each year

Freelance Accountant


  • Managing all QuickBooks operations
  • Preparing 15 tax returns for individuals and couples
  • Working as CPA consultant
  • Working for volunteer accountant


Master’s Degree – Business Administration at Macbath University, 2015

GPA: 3.79

Relevant Coursework: economics and management, cost accounting, corporate reporting information systems, financial analysis, business strategy, macro- and microeconomics, international accounting, government and nonprofit accounting, data analysis

Graduation: 2015

Membership: a member of Accounting Association, Professional Accountancy Organization, Finance and Accounting Association and Public Accountant Organization

Key Skills

  • Financial statements
  • Asset Management
  • Payroll taxes
  • Account analysis
  • Revenue projection
  • Account reconciliation
  • State tax law
  • Regulatory filings

Certifications and Achievements

  • CMA
  • CPA
  • Graduate with good GPA


  • English
  • Germany

How to Write an Accountant Resume

The following are steps to write a professional accountant resume.

Relevant Accounting Skills to Include on your Accountant Resume

Below are some skills you can consider to put on your professional accountant resume

  • Regulatory standards knowledge
  • Standards of accounting
  • Knowledge about general business
  • Proficient in using software
  • Data Analysis
  • Effective communication
  • Critical thinking
  • Attention to detail

Tips to Write a Professional Accountant Resume

Here are some tips for you that you can use in writing your accountant resume:

  • Start your resume by writing a career objective
  • You have to make your resume relevant with the job description
  • Highlight your key skills
  • Use resume sample as reference
  • List your relevant experience

Kinds of Accountant Resumes

Accountant resumes have various kinds that are suitable for specific purposes.

Free Accountant Resume Template

This template is free and easy to edit since it comes in MS Word format. Highlight your professional working experience and prove that you are the best choice for the position.

Free Accountant Resume Sample

Use this free sample to guide you in writing down your professional accountant resume. There are specific sections for you to write your career objective, key skills, capabilities and professional experience.

Resume Template for Senior Accountant

If you already have working experience, this template is suitable for you. Write down your personal information, summary of qualifications, educational background, professional accomplishments, working history, professional affiliation and computer skills in the available sections.

Senior Accountant Resume Sample

This template focuses on highlighting your professional experience. Provided in MS Word format, it will be quite simple for you to do some modifications on the personal details and professional experience sections to fit your actual condition.

Free Accountant Resume Template for Senior Staff Accountant

If you are looking for a free and easy to edit accountant resume template, this template will suit your needs. There are spaces to include your contact information, career objective, educational background and working history.

Free Template for Chartered Accountant Resume

When you are planning to work as a chartered accountant and searching for a free template to help you write your professional resume, it is a template that will be useful for you. You can focus on elaborating your career profile and your areas of professional expertise.

Free Template for Junior Accountant Resume

Aiming to work as an accountant but you have no prior experience, you might want to get inspiration from this template to write down your resume. It contains sections for your contact information, career objective, educational background, relevant coursework, major strengths and technical skills. This template is available in MS Word format so you do not have to face difficulties in adjusting its contents to fit your actual situation.

Resume Template for Junior Financial Accountant

If you want to start a career as a financial accountant, this template is especially for you. Write down your personal information, career objective, educational background and working experience in the available spaces.

Resume Template for Junior Corporate Accountant

This template is designed for you who want to apply for a job as a corporate accountant. There are sections for you to write your name, address, objective statements and working experience.

Resume Template for Tax Accountant

If you are interested in working as a tax accountant and do not know how to write a professional resume for this job, you can choose this template to help you. Include your contact information, areas of excellence and key accomplishments in the provided sections.

Resume Template for Corporate Tax Accountant

Use this template if you are planning to work as a corporate tax accountant. You can add your personal information, career objective, educational background, related coursework, related experience, other relevant experience and computer skills in the available spaces.

Free Template for Professional Accountant Resume

If you are already a professional in this field, this free template is the best choice for you. Prove that you are a valuable candidate through this resume.



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