10+ Java Developer Resume Template


Java Developer Resume Template

As one of computer programming languages, Java is used in game creation, software programming and website development. If you are interested in being a Java developer, you need to be able to create an impressive and professional resume. By reading some Java developer resume templates, you will get ideas on how to write a resume that best describes you and your qualifications.

If you already have working experience in this field, you may also take a look at some Java developer resume 5 years experience to get some inspiration in writing your resume. You need to choose a template that is most relevant to your purpose.

Sample of Java Developer Resume

Below is a sample of a Java developer resume that you can read and might also help you in writing your own professional resume.

Alissa Hudson

Personal Info

Phone: (555) 121-222-454

Email: alissa.hudson@gmail.com


A well-organized and enthusiastic Java developer with more than 5 years of experience. Encouraged to bring in excellent Java development along with problem-solving skills. In the previous company, app memory consumption was reduced by 40% and start up time needed for Java-powered apps was decreased by 80%.


Java Developer at Decode Company


  • Analyzing and designing program changes.
  • Reviewing and updating requirements documentation
  • Writing design documents
  • Applying relevant skills to deliver program changes, unit test scripts, specifications and documentation
  • Supporting programming changes during user acceptance testing, post implementation and quality assurance

Java Developer at DEF Company


  • Planning, documenting and executing tests in ensuring that code changes meet the specifications and requirements
  • Recognizing and improving code inefficiencies that increase app stability up to 50%
  • Eliminating duplicate strings through Garbage Collection Logs analysis


BS in Computer Science at JKL University, 2015

GPA: 3.92

Relevant Coursework: automata theory, algorithms and complexity, computer systems architecture, programming languages

Graduation: 2015

Membership: a member of Java Community Organization

Key Skills

  • Technical documentation preparation
  • Analytical skills
  • Testing skills
  • Technical skills
  • JVM and memory management
  • Java keywords
  • Abstract classes and interfaces
  • File IO and serialization

Certifications and Achievements

  • Oracle Java Certification
  • Graduated with high GPA


  • English
  • Spanish

How to Write a Java Developer Resume

You can consider following the things below when writing your professional resume.

Relevant Java Developer Skills to Add on your Resume

These are the skills that are required for a Java Developer position. Write down the skills that you have on your resume.

  • JavaServer pages and servlets
  • Web frameworks
  • Service-oriented architecture
  • Markup languages
  • Web technologies
  • Object-oriented programming patterns and concepts

Tips to Write an Attractive Java Developer Resume

Some tips below will be useful to make your resume more attractive for the recruiter.

  • Highlight your skills related to Java developer duties
  • Know how to write section for skills is important for Java developers
  • Add numbers about your achievements
  • Include keywords that are related to Java developer position on your resume

Kinds of Java Developer Resumes

There are many kinds of Java developer resumes that you can take a look at. Choose the one that you think is suitable with your purpose. Then, you can do some modification to fit your situation.

Resume Template for Java Developer

This modern and attractive resume template will be suitable to show your skills and abilities. There are specific spaces for your profile, educational background, contact information, languages and working experience.

Free Word Template for Core Java Developer

This free basic and simple resume focuses on your professional certifications and academic qualifications. You can write down your personal details such as name and address on top of this template.

Free Resume Template in MS Word for Advance Java Developer

If you are an experienced Java developer with elaborate professional experience, this free template is for you. Write down your personal details, career objectives and professional experience in the available sections.

Free Resume Template for Senior Java Developer

This neat and free template is also easy to be modified since it is in MS Word format. You can highlight your career summary in the provided space.

Free Resume Template for Junior Java Developer

This resume template emphasizes your work experience. Write down your personal information and working experience in the available sections.

Free Resume Template for Experienced Java Developer

This free resume template is easy to edit because it is in MS Word format. Include your working experience, skills and education background.

Java Web Developer Free Resume Template

If you are looking for a position as a java web developer, this template will work out well for you. This template is free and you can add your personal details, professional working experience, programming languages you master, skills and technology proficiencies.

Free Resume Template for Java Software Developer

When you want to focus on showing your skills, this template is a good choice for you. There are sections for your personal information, resume summary and technical skills.

Free Resume Template for Java Spring Developer

If you want to emphasize your professional working experience, you might want to use this template. Prove that you are an experienced developer and ready for the job.

Free Resume Template for Java Developer Freshers

Being a fresh graduate looking for the first job as a java developer, this template might be the best choice for you. You can add your personal details such as name and address, career statement, career summary and project experience.

Resume Sample for Core Java Developer

This template is suitable for you who are looking for a Core Java developer position. You can include your personal details, professional working experience, educational background and skills. Do not forget to list your duties in your previous jobs.


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