10+ Housekeeping Resume Example


Housekeeping Resume Example

Writing a professional resume is very important in order to stand out among other candidates. If you want to write a professional resume that can showcase your capabilities, you have to make yourself familiar with a good and professional resume. One of the ways is by utilizing the housekeeping resume example.

When you have no previous experiences in writing a resume, the housekeeping resume with no experience found on this website will guide you to write the resume that fits your purpose. All you need to do is adjust the information on the template with your own personal information.

Housekeeping Resume Sample

In order to give you some inspiration, you can read the housekeeping resume sample below.

John Alexander

Personal Info

Phone : (555)321-321-321

Email: john.alexander@gmail.com


A high school graduate (3.4/4.0) who is really passionate about home management. I am looking forward to a position where I can offer my service as a professional housekeeper.


Domestic Housekeeper

  1. Anderson’s Residence


  • Polishing and waxing floors made from wood
  • Cleaning carpet and furniture
  • Maintaining a clean kitchen area
  1. Mayor David’s Residence


  • Keep storage areas clean and tidy
  • Sorting clean linens
  • Preparing rooms for guests


Rosemary High School


GPA: 3.4

Relevant Coursework: Hospitality and Home Management

Membership: Secretary of School’s Red Cross Organization

Key Skills

  • Discipline
  • Meticulous
  • Flexible
  • Time Management
  • Communication


  • Perfect School Attendance Awards, 2019
  • Housekeeper of the Month Award, 2020


  • English
  • Spanish

How to Write a Housekeeping Resume

The following are steps that you can follow to write a professional housekeeping resume.

  • Write your contact details correctly and clearly
  • Use format and font that are easy-to-read
  • Include only relevant skills and experience for the job opportunity
  • Avoid writing about unnecessary personal information like your family status or faith

What Makes You a Good Cleaner?

Commonly, a good cleaner has humility. A good cleaner will be able to avoid any incident when working.

How to Describe Housekeeping Duties?

  • Keeping carts well-stocked
  • Counting and marking clean linens and storing them in closets
  • Making beds, polishing equipment and furniture, cleaning bathrooms, vacuuming, etc.
  • Washing linens, folding them and putting them away

What Skills Should be Owned by a Cleaner?

  • A good level of fitness
  • Trustworthy and punctual
  • Can manage time effectively
  • Able to work both in a team and alone
  • Aware of safety and health procedure
  • Reading skills to follow instructions
  • Math skills to measure cleaning fluids

Kinds of Housekeeping Resume

There are some housekeeping resumes that fit various needs. Choose the one that best suits your desired position. It is very important to use relevant templates in order to pass the hiring process.

Housekeeping Manager Resume Template

This housekeeping resume template is specifically designed for experienced housekeepers. The template provides spaces for explaining work experiences, educational background and skills. Explain them in detail in order to show that you are a valuable candidate for the position.

Resume Template for Executive Housekeepers

When you already have some experiences as a housekeeper, this housekeeping resume template is suitable for you. This template focuses on highlighting your impressive working experiences. Utilize this template and get your outstanding professional housekeeping resume.

Resume Template for Apartment Housekeepers

This housekeeping resume template is especially designed for you who want to work as a housekeeper in apartments. The template provides spaces for your personal information and job objectives. You can also highlight your qualifications and professional experiences using this template. Available in Word, you can edit this template easily.

Resume Template for Housekeeping Worker

If you already have experiences working as a housekeeping worker, this housekeeping resume template is made for you. It is provided in Word format so that you will not have much difficulties in showcasing your key qualifications, housekeeping expertise and work experience.

Resume Template for Nanny Housekeeper

If you love children and want to apply as a Nanny Housekeeper, this template is the best choice for you. You can highlight your professional summary, core qualifications and experience by customizing this template.

Resume Template for Housekeeper Assistant

If you want to apply for a position as a Housekeeper assistant, this template is the most suitable one for you. Put your details in this resume template and get an outstanding resume.

Resume Template for Hotel Housekeeper

This template is really suitable for you who want to work as a housekeeper in a hotel. To prove that you are a valuable candidate for the position, edit this template and get a professional resume for your job application.

Resume Template for School Housekeeper

In order to be a school housekeeper, you need a professional resume. This template consists of spaces available for highlighting your key achievements and work experiences.

Residential Housekeeper Resume Template

For a high school graduate who wants to work as a residential housekeeper, this template will match your needs. Show your qualifications, work summary and accomplishments in the available sections.

Resume Template for Private Housekeeper

If you are ready to work as a private housekeeper, you may consider using this template. Coming in Word format, you can easily edit and customize the template based on your own core qualifications and professional experience.

Entry Level Housekeeper Resume Template

Having no experience as a housekeeper and this is your first experience writing a housekeeper resume, you can utilize this template. Focus on your skills, education or awards to show that you are still the best choice for the position.

Resume Template for Entry Level Hotel Housekeeper

Wanting to work in a hotel as a housekeeper but you do not have any professional working experience yet, this template is especially designed for you. Highlight your certification and licence in proving that you are suitable for this job.

Resume Template for Hospital Housekeeper

If you want to work as a hospital housekeeper, this resume template suits you best. In case that you have no working experience, you can focus on your leadership experience or any other relevant experiences using this template.




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