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Whether you are an undergraduate student or a bachelor’s degree holder, being able to write a good and professional resume is essential. Considering the high competition in getting jobs, you must familiarize yourself with a good resume. One of the easiest ways is by using the academic resume.

If you are having the first experience of writing a resume, the academic resume undergraduate available on this website will guide you in writing professional resumes that fit your purpose. All you need to do is modify the content so that it will be suitable with your personal information.

Academic Resume Sample

In order to offer you some ideas, below is the sample of academic resume that you can use as an inspiration

Jacob Weber


Personal Info

Phone : (555)521-521-521



A bachelor’s degree in the pharmacy department (3.7/4.0) who really has great passion in the pharmaceutical field. I am looking for a job in which I can put my knowledge and skills related to drugs into practice.


Pharmacist (trainee)

  1. Elixir Drugstore


  • Preparing medications by interpreting and reviewing physician orders
  • Dispensing medications by compounding and giving labels to pharmaceuticals
  • Controlling medications by monitoring the drug therapies
  1. Newlife Hospital


  • Dispensing drugs prescribed by the doctors
  • Providing information about medication and treatments to patients


Oakfield University



GPA: 3.7

Relevant Coursework: Factors that Influence Contraception Uptake

Graduation: 2021

Membership: A member of Pharmaceuticals Society Organization

Key Skills

  • Patient
  • Analytical
  • Friendly
  • Meticulous
  • Communication


  • 2nd place, The Next-Generation Pharmacist Awards, 2020
  • Hospital Pharmacist of the Year Award, 2021


  • English
  • Japanese

How to Write an Academic Resume

The following are some steps that you can follow in writing a professional academic resume:

  • Write your contact information
  • Write down your personal profile
  • Provide information about your educational background
  • You can include your publication
  • Highlight your awards and honors
  • List your fellowship and grants
  • Share about your experiences in attending or presenting at conferences

Why do you need to write an academic resume?

You need to write an academic resume when you want to highlight your accomplishments. Usually, alumni have no information about the individuals before the interview so that they may ask for a resume in order to focus on the questions. Academic resume can be very important for people who are applying for scholarships.

How to organize an academic resume?

  • You can start by writing the main headings and the sub headings
  • Then, provide brief personal details
  • Write a brief career summary
  • In the first section, you must focus on your educational backgrounds, research and publications.
  • You can continue writing about your prizes, awards, experiences, technical skills, qualifications, personal skills, memberships and also conference attendances.

How to write an academic resume for college?

You can follow some tips to write a professional resume for college application below.

  • Be direct and concise
  • Fit your resume into one page
  • You can mention relevant unique experiences you have encountered
  • Do not lie about your accomplishments or educational background
  • Use active voice rather than passive voice in your resume
  • Highlight specific achievements rather than writing about general responsibilities

Kinds of Academic Resume

There are many kinds of academic resumes that fit for specific purposes. You must be able to choose the one that is suitable with your purpose. It is very important to choose the resume that is relevant to your field in order to pass the hiring process effectively.

Resume for Academic Advisor

If you already have working experience before, this resume might fit your purpose. Composed neatly, you can write your professional summary, qualifications, experiences, educational backgrounds and also your affiliations. The format is very easy to follow so that you only need some minutes to write the professional resume that you need. This resume really focuses on the functionality.

Academic Student Resume for High School

This template is really suitable for you who have some valuable experiences suring high school. Available in MS Word format, you will not face many difficulties in editing this resume. This resume starts with a resume profile, then you can write down your educational background. You can also write about your relevant experiences during high school in the provided space. Next, you can write down the relevant high school studies. Last but not least, there is a specific section for you to highlight your awards, honors and memberships. All you need to do is download the template and adjust it to fit your purpose.

Academic Resume for Professional

This resume is quite complete to show that you are a professional in this field. It covers academic qualifications, awards, scholarships and professional profile.

Academic Resume Template

This template is written in expressive format so that the recruiter will not misunderstand things you have written in your resume. The template provides spaces for you to write career statements, personal details, areas of expertise, academic qualifications, academic distinctions and awards, presentation and research activities, community works and professional experiences, interests, hobbies and also personal summary.

Academic Resume for Experienced Candidates

This template is especially designed for experienced candidates. You can choose this template and write your career summary and also your professional working experience.

Academic Resume for Teacher

If you are an experienced teacher, this template is made for you. This template provides sections for you to write about your teaching history, educational background, teaching knowledge and skills, teaching achievements and teaching experience.

Academic Resume Sample for Undergraduate

Prove that you are a valuable candidate by using this academic resume template. This template offers sections to explain about your educational background, your academic team project, your experiences, your computer skills, your experience in leadership and also your interests.

Academic Resume for College Undergraduate

This simple-structured academic resume will help you to pass the first step of the hiring process. In the provided spaces you can write about your objective, personal details, educational background, competencies, key strengths and skills.

Academic Resume Sample for Undergraduate Research Assistant

If you are looking for a position as an undergraduate research assistant, this academic resume template will suit your purpose. You can write about your skills, working experiences and also your educational background.



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