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Nursing Assistant Resume

Commits something virtue and good deeds always sounds good and satisfying. That is something that is always carried out by a nurse. You can always become a part of that virtue action by becoming a nurse or nursing assistant. To attain the role of nursing assistant, you may begin by writing a nursing assistant resume.

If you are a fresh graduate who seeks an entry-level role as a nursing assistant, or if you are trying to achieve this job of your dream within your first stage with minimum or no experience at all, you could always consider writing a nursing assistant resume with no experience to begin your career journey.

Nursing Assistant Resume Sample

To smoothen your way to the job of your dream as a nursing assistant, you may need  to refer to the following example of a resume:

Jessica Jill

Personal Info

Phone  : (888) 783-981-526-77

Email   : JJessica@gmail.com


A hard-working and dedicated fresh-graduated individual would like to seek an opportunity to implement her strong interpersonal skills, good acknowledgment about medical terms, and awareness of common disorders taking place at this state as a Nursing Assistant specializes in Medical Assistant within your organization. I believe with my experience as an Acknowledgment nursing assistant intern in Livingmore Clinic and my qualification as Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) at Blue Pagoda Community College, I will be the perfect fit for the position.


Nursing Assistant Intern at Livingmore Clinic


  • Assisted to turn, re-orientate, and move patient’s and/or wheelchairs, beds, stretchers, and chairs.
  • Helped to measure vital signs, e.g., temperature, blood pressure
  • Served foods for the patients
  • Helped patients to eat their food


Majoring Towards Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN)

Blue Pagoda Community College

Nursing Assistant Program 6/2017

Current BLS/CPR Certified

2017 – present

Relevant Coursework: CPR, Intensive care, Medical assisting fundamentals, clinical reasoning

Expected Graduation: 2021

Member: Member of Young Nurse Assistant Community

Key Skills:

  • Detail-oriented
  • Exquisite oral and written communication
  • Strong interpersonal skills
  • Good Record-keeping skills
  • Sufficient awareness of medical terms
  • Acknowledgment of common disorders
  • Hardworking


  • Trusted to assist in handling patients in an intensive care unit


  • English
  • French

How to Write a Nursing Assistant Resume

Writing a resume for a nursing assistant could be a challenging preparation stage. In case this is your first time composing your resume–and that you do not have experience in working as a nursing assistant–, especially for a nursing assistant role, the following steps could be your guide to write your resume seamlessly.

  • Brainstorm and mention your personal information within the resume clearly
  • Follow by adding a detail of your education and relevant certification
  • Put some extra achievements and/or accomplishments that you ever perform within your internship period or any extracurricular activities
  • Reveal your primary skills to be a nursing assistant
  • State your relevant technical proficiency or any other relevant strength that will give you the advantage over the other applicants
  • Always re-read and proofread your resume. Ensure that the resume is free from any errors (grammatically, wordings, structure) and typos.

What to Be Included Within a Nursing Assistant Resume

To ensure your resume delivers what you expect to be known to the employer, the following things should be in place within your nursing assistant resume.

  • Contact information
  • Resume summary or career objective
  • Supporting skills
  • Work history, if any.
  • Education
  • Certifications/Licenses/Affiliations/Specialization

What is The Role Limit for A Nursing Assistant

Every role, every job has a limitation in doing the responsibilities. It is also applied to a nursing assistant who also has a role limit. As a nursing assistant, you should never do the following things:

What Makes You A Good Nursing Assistant

Becoming a good nursing assistant is vital. Important for you as you need it to secure your career, also important for the patients as they reserved the right to be treated as well as possible. Below are the qualities that make you a good nursing assistant

  • Verbal and written communication skills – required to communicate patients’ request to professionals
  • Sufficient Knowledge – professional and practical knowledge is required by the nursing assistant to perform their tasks
  • Meticulous – strong attention to detail should make your performance as a nursing assistant rise due to their complicated tasks such as following nurse instruction.
  • Compassion and Patience
  • Physical and Emotional Strength

What Format Should I Choose For Nursing Assistant Resume

There are various nursing assistant resume formats. Each format stands for different functions, which means would provide different impacts. Below is the format you may opt for when writing a nursing assistant resume

  • Chronological – enlist the work experience in a reverse-chronological arrangement
  • Functional – this format emphasizes more relevant skills than work history. Perfect for fresh graduates and those who have not to experience yet.
  • Combination – a mixture between chronological and functional resume formats

Kinds of Nursing Assistant Resume

To attain the nursing assistant job, the below-mentioned kinds of nursing assistant resume may be used as your reference in writing a resume.

Certified Nursing Assistant Resume Format Template

Employing sufficient details that are divided well into perfect sections, this template should be used if you want to highlight your certifications, and additional supplied important information.

Sample Entry-Level Nursing Assistant Resume Template

A major lining divides the brief personal info on the above adds aesthetic touch within this template. The following details put in bullet points within a neat and clear layout

School Nursing Assistant Curriculum Vitae Template

Simplicity now is a thing. The information is divided into a perfect layout with minimal visual decorative elements. It enables details to be highlighted professionally.

Nursing Assistant Resume Template

Utilizing major bullet points and lining for the separator section, makes this template deemed streamlined. It enables the employer to easily identify your essential information within the resume.

Nursing Assistant Student Resume Template

Modern look incorporated with simplicity. With minimal visual decorative elements, this template is looking to emphasize your supporting details such as your education, qualifications, and work history.

CNA Nursing Assistant Resume Template

The sufficiently-placed visual elements incorporated with proper layout and color grade would enhance the experience in reading this resume. Choose this template for your CNA Resume template.

Home Health Nursing Assistant Resume Template

Proper layout and suitable color grades make this template looks awesome. This template should be utilized if you want to highpoint a specific section within the template.

Nursing Assistant Resume with No Experience Template

Strong container and color pick to this template is suitable for nursing assistant resumes. This resume should be used for those who want to seeks a nursing assistant resume without experience.

Beginner Nursing Assistant Resume Template

The well-decorated looks of this template could help you deliver vital information through a resume. Alter your choice to this template if you prefer a colorful resume that suits your needs.

Advanced Nursing Assistant Resume Template

Two-columned layout resume with a different color that will enhance the viewpoint and highlight sections within your resume.





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