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Entry Level Resume

Nowadays, there are many entry-level positions offered for job seekers in any job field, whether it is in the company or non-organizational job. Entry-level positions are mostly desired by fresher or applicants who have less or no experience at all. It can be a good career option for you.

If you happen to be in the position and are interested in applying for an entry-level job, this article will give you insights on how to write a perfect entry-level resume that is effective to land your first job.

Registered Nurse Beginner Resume Sample

To give you a clearer idea of how a good resume for an entry-level position, we provide a resume sample of a registered nurse.

Kendrick Thompson

Personal Info

Phone: (555) 123-456-789

Email: ken_thompson@email.com


A newly graduate Registered Nursing student is seeking an opportunity to fill in the entry-level position at XYZ National Hospital as a Nurse. With excellent knowledge of patient care and medical procedures planning, I would be able to assist the job in the nursing role. Able to work under pressure and provide the best patient treatment from giving health education to performing medical treatment.


An internship as a nurse at Smiths Hospital


  • Checking patients’ health condition (blood pressure, cholesterol level, height, and weight) before the treatment
  • Consulting with the doctor regarding patients’ illnesses and symptoms
  • Keeping the records of patients’ medical condition, treatments, and medication
  • Assisting the doctor in examining patients and conducting medical procedures
  • Monitoring patients’ condition after the medical treatments and see if there are any irregularities
  • Discussing the patients’ condition with the patients’ family
  • Educating patients on how to do preventive methods of any illnesses
  • Improving the patients’ satisfaction by 45%
  • Facilitating effective medical procedures by 30% with speeding up the patients-care management

Volunteer Work at ABC Clinic


  • Checking patients’ condition and symptoms regarding the COVID 19
  • Keeping records of patients’ medical records
  • Working for 5-8 hours in examining patients who are infected with COVID 19 with the bed capacity of 30 patients in a day
  • Assisting the doctor in examining patients by providing information of patients’ medical records and history
  • Monitoring patients’ vital conditions to see if there are irregularities after the treatment given
  • Motivating patients during the recovery process
  • Educating patients on the preventive methods of avoiding COVID 19


Bachelor of Nursing and Public Health at Jonathan Health Academy, 2015 – 2019

GPA: 3.80 (Excellence Award for Student)

Relevant Coursework: Nurse Care for COVID 19 Patients Intensive Training, International Conference on Nursing Management, Basic Life Support Course

Graduation: 2019

Membership: Registered Nurse Association, Nurse for COVID 19 Care Club, Public Health Management Club

Key Skills

  • Excellent knowledge of medical procedures
  • Excellent knowledge of patient care
  • Excellent knowledge of basic life support and emergency treatment
  • Cardiac Care
  • Time management
  • Detailed-oriented
  • Organization and patient care management
  • Medical records keeping
  • Good communication skills
  • Problem-solving

Achievements and Certifications

  • Certification of Registered Nurse, 2020
  • Certification of Basic Life Support, 2020
  • Excellence Award for Student


  • English
  • France

How to Write Entry-Level Resumes

Writing a resume by yourself can be a little bit daunting, especially if you don’t have any experience in writing a resume before. You don’t have to worry as we collect some tips for those who want to write an entry-level resume.

What to Write on Entry-Level Resumes?

In writing an entry-level resume, usually, applicants don’t have much to write on the work experience so here we give a list of things that can still promote you to employers.

  • Personal identity
  • Persuasive career objective
  • Relevant work experience. We still include it here in case if you have it, but if you don’t have it write down any relevant experience like an internship, volunteer work, or training
  • List down your relevant skills to the job
  • Add your academic background and GPA. It will be better if your academic background is in line with the job that you apply
  • Mention additional relevant activities like online course or training

Writing Skills on Entry-Level Resumes

The skills section can be tricky when someone doesn’t know how to write it effectively. Here are some tips you can have in writing your skills on an entry-level resume

  • Only write relevant skills to the job, mostly on the technical skills that are specifically related to the job
  • Add some interpersonal skills that are also important
  • List the skills from the most experienced to the least experienced
  • Use bullets point
  • Make it clear and brief

Kinds of Entry-Level Resume Templates

For beginners, it can be overwhelming to structure a good resume that shows your capabilities as well as relevant skills. These entry-level resume templates below can help you in having a professional resume, just choose the job that suits you and it’s ready.

Entry-Level Nurse Resume Template

This resume template is designed for a nurse position. It showcases the strong career objective and a list of relevant skills, that are completed with academic background and relevant additional activities.

Entry-Level Financial Analyst Resume Template

To be a financial analyst, the beginner must include the information of what they can contribute to the job as well as the skills to impress the employers. This resume will be a good choice for those applying for the entry-level position.

Entry-Level Sales Resume Template

Sales applicants can use this resume for filling in the entry-level position. It is created in a simple designed resume but comprehensive information from the beginning to the end.

High School Entry-Level Resume Template

For newly graduated high school students, this resume template leads you to land your first job. It is applicable for any job you desire, just change the information in each section and it’s ready.

Entry-Level Accountant Resume

For an entry-level accountant position, this resume template will provide a well-structured resume in a functional format. It is reader-friendly which makes it easy to search for information.

Entry-Level Marketing Resume

This resume template is designed for a marketing position. It is written in Ms. Word file format and it is specifically made for the job as it highlights the marketing skills and its strong career objective.

Entry-Level Project Manager Resume

To be a project manager, someone has to own some experiences, either in training or an internship. This resume will focus on that section and bring more importance to the achievements and qualifications that someone has.

Entry-Level Dental Assistant Resume

To be a dental assistant, someone can use this resume template to persuade employers. It applies a functional resume format that highlights the relevant dental assistant skills and certifications.

Entry-Level IT Worker Resume

This resume template is designed for IT-worker in an entry-level position. It gives you a complete and neat structural resume with extensive information for each section.

Entry-Level Teacher Resume

For applicants for an entry-level teacher position, this resume template can be a good option as it creates a good summary of the relevant teaching skills and career objectives, as well as the academic background to support the job.




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