Medical Office Assistant Job Description – Career Path, Responsibilities, And Skills


The medical office assistant is also called the medical receptionist whose job is to do administrative duties in the healthcare centers or clinics. You can learn further the medical office assistant job description in this article.

The Duties And Responsibilities Of A Medical Office Assistant

Note that the medical office assistant must be able to work in a team or individually.

  • Greeting patience, answering the phone call, confirming medical appointments as well as receiving and replying texts.
  • Using the medical tools and software to help them do the tasks for example scheduling appointments, preparing invoices and reports, letters, financial statements, writing medical records, and reveal it (if it is asked to).
  • Interviewing the patients to find the type of document and forms. This will help record the medical history.
  • Transcribing the data from electronic, handwritten notes, and even oral instructions.
  • help the patients completing the insurance forms.
  • helping the patients and clients processing the payments using bank documents or other receivable accounts.
  • Maintaining important data such as classifying them and turn them to softcopy and hardcopy files.
  • Operating the office tools for example phone, tax machines, messaging system, and scanners.
  • Maintaining the areas tidy and clean.
  • performing clerical tasks, for example, ordering inventories related to administration.


Skills Included In The Medical Office Assistant Job Description

Even though the job is about clerical duties, however, the medical office assistant needs additional skills because it is related to the health service. The following skills must be mastered before applying as a candidate.

  • Having a professional manner of work, appearance, and disposition.
  • Having a medical experience or academic background related to the medical field is a plus and preferrable.
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills.
  • Having strong knowledge in medical administrative and insurance legislation.
  • Having a strong passion for details.
  • Having excellent proficiency in general healthcare knowledge.
  • Having good team-work and multitasking skills.
  • An excellent skill at communicating as a customer service.

The candidate needs to be able to type or write quickly with a maximum of three errors. Generally, a medical office assistant is required to be able to type 60 words in a minute accurately. Besides, it is important to understand the medical terminology.

Furthermore, this is the reason a medical office assistant is mostly coming from medical school because the job will relate a lot with medical terms. Certain certificate programs must be included too.

Bellow is the objective statement that you can use as the inspiration:

  • I am graduating from a nurse academy. Knowing your company is looking for a new medical office assistant,  I would like to join the screening process. I am always eager to learn something new and I can type quickly.
  • Being a medical office assistant is a new challenge for me. With my background from medical school, I would like to know if I am a good fit. I can perform some clerical duties and understand well the medical terms.

The career path of a medical office assistant is bright that you can level up to the medical secretaries and then to supervisory positions. For example clinic manager. By understanding the medical office assistant job description well, we expect you will know what to upgrade in your profile.

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