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A clerk is also called an administrative assistant or office assistant. This position will take care of the front-office management and liaising clients in using or administering the product or service. They are responsible for various task including administrative duties and deal with some general problems related to administrative staff. For further explanation about the clerk job description, you can read the description below.

What Are The Responsibilities In The Clerk Job Description?

There is a list of responsibilities that should be done by a clerk who is in the following list:

Guiding Clients

The clerk’s responsibility includes guiding clients and welcoming them. The clerk should have the initiative on asking what they can do for the customer’s ad dig information to know what kind of product they need.

Administrative Duties

The administrative duties of a clerk cover recording, transcribing, filing, maintaining files (database and inventories). They also have to answer, forward, and reply to the incoming emails. Additionally, managing the accommodation is also their task, for exampling booking flight and also accommodation.


The clerk has to use certain equipment or tools, for example, fax machines and photocopiers.

Communicating With Other Departments

The clerk is the first source of information from the customer. Therefore, they have to cooperate with other departments and coordinate with them to provide the best service. They also need to make preparation including meeting rooms and other requested items asked by the customers.

What Are The Requirements Of A Clerk?

The clerk should at least have the following requirements:

  • Education – They at least have a high school diploma or have Certificate in Office Administration and also Associate’s Degree In Office Management.
  • Experience – It is preferable if the candidate has experience in this field.
  • Skills – The skills required are computer skills especially Microsoft Office, organizational, and management skills. Additionally, the person has to be able to type 45-60 words per minute.


What’s Clerk’s Job?

A clerk has a job to make sure the administrative matter is running well. The job also includes guiding the customers related with administrative stuff and other queries related to the customers need that is related to the business.

What Do You Need To Do Before Posting A Clerk Job Description?

Before you post a job description in your hiring project, you have to set a certain standard that you want to find in the candidate. This should be related to your business without forgetting the main job description of a clerk. It is important to understand the general skills, requirements, and responsibilities of a clerk.

What Are The Duties Of A Clerk?

A clerk’s duties cover various tasks including answering phone calls, replaying messages, greeting clients, emailing, mailing, maintaining the database, data capturing, etc.

After knowing the general clerk job description, we expect you will get the best ideas when writing the announcement for the hiring project. A good job description should reveal your standard in your company, so in the future, you will find candidates that suit best your company.

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