Medical Records Clerk Job Description sample and its FAQ

A medical records clerk is easily found in the hospital or health organization. A medical record clerk will help to gather patient information by collecting demographic information through a variety of sources. They also will interact with registration areas. They have an important role in the hospital so that you have to create a medical records clerk job description properly and full of responsibilities.

The medical records clerk job description samples

The medical facility usually will look for the candidate that has experienced and friendly medical records clerk to join. Moreover, you also have to be responsible for some tasks such as collecting the patient information, issuing the medical files, filing the medical records, and also processing the patient admission and discharge papers.

Furthermore, a candidate also needs to have deep acknowledged about medical terminology, process and also administrative responsibilities. Moreover, you also need to excel in this position and demonstrate excellent communication and organizational skills in this description.

The medical records clerk job description 

Some medical records clerk responsibilities descriptions should be known by the candidate. Those are;

  • Collect the patient demographic and personal information
  • Dispute the medical files to the persons and assistances suitable with the laws and also the regulation
  • Assist with departmental audits and examination
  • Allocate the medical chart to the suitable department of the hospital
  • Making sure the patient charts, paperwork and also the report to complete inaccurate and timely manner
  • Save the medical records by following the chart-out procedures
  • Send the chart to assigned areas of the hospital by following the established routing procedures
  • Preserve the quality result by following the hospital ethics
  • Maintain health care providers informed by interactive the availability or unavailability of the record
  • Widespread the clerical duties such as answering the phones, responding to emails, and processing the patient admission
  • Source the nursing department with the suitable documents and forms
  • Folder all patient’s medical records and information
  • Keep the patient confidence by keeping the patient records information and confidential

The medical records clerk requirements

Besides, in the recruiting process, a medical records clerk also needs some requirements to fulfill. The medical records clerk requirement descriptions are;

  • High school diploma or equal qualification
  • Having experience minimum of 2 years in a similar role
  • Talented in information management programs and MS Office
  • The progressive understanding of medical terminology and administration processes
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal abilities
  • Solid attention to detail with outstanding organizational skills

The medical records clerk FAQ;

What are medical records clerk duties?

The main task of a medical records clerk is managing the patient health files in a facility. With this medical records clerk role description, they are also known as Health Information because of their duty to fill records, help in audits, and collect the information.

Can I edit the medical records clerk job description here?

The design of the medical records clerk job description template is editable. In other words, you can edit and customize the template suitable for your health organization’s desire. A good medical records clerk job description should clear and show everything that you want without any difficulties.



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