Accounts Receivable Job Description template and its FAQ

The accounts receivable has an important role in the company or organization. They have the main task to deliver financial, clerical, and also administrative facilities to make sure it efficient, well-timed, and also accurate payment of the account in his or her control. Accounts receivable job descriptions can be complicated if you do not know the job responsibilities and requirements to include on the template.

The accounts receivable job description template 

The key role of an account receivable is ensuring the company about their receive payment for goods and services. By the importance of their role, searching the accounts receivable is not easy because you have to look for it carefully. Here, we are looking for a professional that can work closely with the internal department to ensure the proper account.

Furthermore, the accounts receivable job description document also should include securing revenue by verifying and posting the receipts and also resolving any discrepancies. The candidate also should keep an eye for detail to spot any issues that probably rise.

A successful candidate should be skilled and excellent in communication. Besides, you also should be detail-oriented, organized, and self-motivated with solid math and computer abilities.

The responsibilities of the accounts receivable 

An account receivable has some responsibilities to know. The types of responsibilities to handle on this job are;

  • Practice, verify and post the receipts for the good sold or service rendered
  • Inquiry and resolve account discrepancies
  • Keep the record suitable with the payments and accounts statuses
  • Gain the information from another department to make sure that the records are accurate and complete
  • Perform with the collections department to review accounts and client payment
  • Carry out the billing, collection and also report the activities based on the specific details
  • Oversee the customer account detail for non-payments and other irregularities
  • Advance a recovery system and initiate the collection efforts
  • Help the general financial management and analysis
  • Produce monthly financial and administration reports

The requirements of the accounts receivable 

Experience in accounting is required for an account receivable. Moreover, you also should fulfill the accounts receivable requirement description below:

  • Bachelor’s degree in accounting, finance, or related field
  • Arrangement of education and experience probably is accepted
  • Solid math, typing, and computer skills especially for bookkeeping software
  • Outstanding communication, research, problem-solving and also time management skills
  • Great level accuracy, efficiency, and accountability
  • Able to build a relationship with clients and internal departments
  • Attention to detail and accuracy
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills

The accounts receivable FAQ

What do accounts receivable do?

The main task of accounts receivable is ensuring the client about the proper billed for good services. They also should verify and record the transaction and perform other tasks to secure the payment. Those duties should be included in the accounts receivable job description template.

May I customize the accounts receivable here?

Of course, you can feel free to customize our sample accounts receivable job description here. This accounts receivable job description is designed editable so that you will be easy to edit the file suitable with your company’s needs.



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