Legal Administrative Assistant Job Description and its requirements 

A legal administrative assistant is commonly found in the company. They will manage and assist the legal department in day to day administrative tasks. Besides, they also will manage and execute the timely delivery of assigned legal tasks or services. Therefore, they have an important role in the company. To get the best candidate to work, the legal administrative assistant job description is essential to create.

The legal administrative assistant design ideas

Since a legal administrative assistant has an important role, you need to be careful to search for this job position. You need to get exceptional administrative and research skills for this job position. A legal administrative assistant needs to expect to work comfortably under the pressure with a tight deadline in the fast-paced environment.

In another hand, a legal administrative assistant also needs to be detail-oriented. They will work to help and check the administrative document in the company so that they should be careful to work. It will be better if you have exceptional written and spoken communication skills.

A top candidate for a legal administrative assistant is familiar with the key legal principles. They also need to have incredible accuracy to work in the company. Moreover, solid IT skills and outstanding time management will be positive values for the candidates.

The legal administrative assistant responsibilities 

Some responsibilities should be known. The legal administrative assistant responsibilities descriptions are:

  • Act the accurate legal research and also analysis
  • Understand the laws, decisions and also the regulations in legal documents
  • Receive the visitors and also assist the resolve the legal problems
  • Establish and also keep the filing system, files, and also records
  • Accumulate, check and revise drafts or legal documents and reports
  • Make and organize update and generate reference tools for easy use by the office
  • Formulate and format legal and management reports
  • Keep and update the database and tracking system
  • Reply to all case-related inquiries
  • Making sure the efficient and effective administrative information and helps

The legal administrative assistant requirements

To be a legal administrative assistant also needs some requirements to fill. The legal administrative assistant requirements descriptions are:

  • Bachelor certificate in law or related
  • Parallel certificate
  • Minimally one year of experience in a legal environment
  • A systematic understanding of database and tracking system
  • Capable to work under pressure and meet deadlines
  • Capable to work independently and team
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Expert in Microsoft Office

Legal administrative assistant FAQs

What does a legal administrative assistant do?

The legal administrative assistant has main duties to support paralegals and lawyers in a legal environment. Besides, they also will conduct legal research, plan the schedule, and ensure efficient and effective administration. It can be seen in the legal administrative assistant job description template.

Can I edit the legal administrative assistant job description here?

Of course, you can. The legal administrative assistant job description design here is editable. It means that you can change and add some detailed information suitable for your company’s needs. You can click to download our legal administrative assistant job description here easily.


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