Technical Support Job Description and its FAQ template 

Technical support is commonly a position that is hired by the company. They have the main task to oversee and also maintain the computer hardware and also the software system. Therefore, technical support should have skills which concern with the customer’s account or company software. The technical support job description will help the company to get the best candidate to work with.

The technical support job description template 

You need to get excellent technical support because he/ she has an important job to maintain the computer. You can imagine if your computer or system is damage. What happens to your company without this job position. Therefore, you need to find excellent interpersonal skills for this position. Because they also will provide timely customer feedback and support the roll-out of the new application.

Besides, technical support also will support computer software integration by diagnosing and troubleshooting the common problem. In other words, technical support also needs to hold this job title generally by entry-level in the IT roles.

Successful technical support should follow the requirement of the company’s needs. Excellent written and spoken communication skills are important in this job position because they will write the document for the customer directly.

The technical support responsibilities 

As technical support, you need to know the responsibilities. The technical support responsibilities descriptions are:

  • Finished the detailed report listing requests for technical aid, steps to take resolve them and also the specific dates
  • Perform as the initial point of agreement for all computer and system suitable with the concern from the clients or other employees
  • Help the management to create training material affecting computer troubleshooting and also usage
  • Keep a working log detail for all required system update as well as the date of conclusion
  • Offer timely and accurate customer feedback
  • Communicate with the customer via a series of action to resolve the problem
  • Manage the multiple cases at the one time
  • Examine and evaluate the new technologies
  • Conduct the electrical protection tests on equipment

The technical support requirements 

Besides, you also need to follow the requirement for this job position. The technical support requirement descriptions are:

  • A bachelor’s degree in computer science or related technology field
  • Industry-specific certification in relevant computer languages or software
  • Minimally 1- 3 years of relevant experience
  • Professional written and interpersonal skills are essential
  • Capable to prioritize and manage several projects specifically
  • Understanding with the remote desktop application and help desk software
  • Attention to the detail and good problem solving
  • Awesome interpersonal skills

The technical support FAQs

What is a technical support job?

The main task of technical support is managing, maintaining, and also repairing the IT system. The main tasks of this job are usually written on the technical support job description document. In this document, you can read the detailed information on this job position does.

Do you have several interviews for a technical support job description?

Of course, we have some sample questions for a technical support job description template. With this idea, you will be easier to create any interview questions for a technical support job description on this page.


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