HR generalist job description and its responsibilities 

Human Resources (HR) generalist has an important role in the company. They will manage the day to day operation of the human resource office in the company. An HR generalist will manage the administration of the human resources policies, procedures, and also the program. In other words, an HR generalist job description is important to know the quality of the candidate to apply for this job.

The HR generalist job description templates 

Looking for an HR generalist should be careful because it shows an important role in the company. You need to get excellent analytical and also communication skills. An HR generalist also should be a conceptual thinker with fantastic organizational and conflict management. Therefore, you need to have outstanding negotiation and also problem-solving skills.

Besides, an HR generalist also needs to have the ability to multitask and also adapt to a fast-paced environment. An HR generalist also will be great if they have strong decision-making skills with a deep understanding of employee relations.

A successful HR generalist also needs to have a comfortable managing grey area. A top candidate will be effective at the scheduling and also methodical in the recruitment process.

The responsibilities of the HR generalist 

There are some responsibilities of the HR generalist that should be known. The HR generalist responsibilities descriptions are:

  • Help with all internal and external HR related matter
  • Contribute to improving the organizational guidelines and also procedures
  • Endorse the strategies to motivate the employees
  • Help with the new recruitment process through classifying candidate, conducting reference checks and issuing employment contracts
  • Examine the complaints bring the forward by the employees
  • Organize the employee development plans and also performance management
  • Act the orientation and inform the records of new staff
  • Plan the organization’s employee database and prepare the report
  • Create and submit reports on general HR activities
  • Keep informed with the latest HR trends and best practice

The requirements of the HR generalist 

Moreover, an HR generalist also has some requirements to fulfill. Some HR generalist requirement descriptions are:

  • A bachelor’s degree in human resources, business or organizational development
  • Specialized training in employment law or organizational planning or related field
  • Minimally having 2 years’ experience to be an HR coordination
  • Know of labor law and also employment equity regulation
  • Well-organized HR administration and also people management skills
  • Awesome knowledge of HR function and best practices
  • Outstanding written and verbal communication skills
  • Expert computer literacy with capability in email, MS Office and related HR software
  • Solid decision making and problem-solving skills

An HR generalist FAQ

What does an HR generalist do?

An HR generalist usually oversees the human resources responsibilities and also activities for the organization. Besides, they also will manage the recruitment process and employee relations. The detailed information can be seen at the HR generalist job description template.

Can I customize the HR generalist job description?

You also can customize or edit the HR generalist job description document here easily. You only need to download the HR generalist job description by clicking the downloaded button on this page.


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