Office Clerk Job Description and its FAQs

An office clerk is commonly found in any company or other organization. An office clerk has main duties to perform clerical and administrative duties in the office setting. Besides, they also help the executive assistant and secretaries by sorting the mail, answering the phone, and so forth. Thus, creating an office clerk job description will be challenging to show the best candidate to work.

The office clerk job description design ideas

An office clerk has an important role which has related to the administration of the company so that you need to be careful to get this candidate. You need to find a candidate which has a detail-oriented professional with showing the clerical experience. They also need to know the daily office operation in the company to make the business running well.

Besides, an office clerk also has other duties such as answering the telephone and also distributing the mail. Recording and maintain the company files are also other responsibilities of an office clerk that should be noticed.

If you want to succeed in this job position, you need to have awesome organizational skills. Besides, an ideal candidate for this position is usually familiar with the basic bookkeeping and office administration process.

The responsibilities of an office clerk 

There are some office clerk job responsibilities descriptions that should be known. Those are:

  • Reply the phones and receive the clients warmly
  • Record minutes of meeting and transcripts
  • Keep the company files and record to make sure that they remain the updated
  • Succeed the basic bookkeeping obligations
  • Trail the inventory of office supplies and inform the management about the shortage
  • Assist with office management and organization processes
  • Make a plan and book travel preparations and venues for company events
  • Work the office machine including photocopiers and scanners, facsimile machines and also voice mail system
  • Refill the supply closet with printing paper, ink, pens, paper clips, staplers, folders, and also files.
  • Keep the work free of mistakes
  • Count and measure the mail on the company
  • Make a plan for meeting and conference rooms

The requirements of an office clerk 

Besides, an office clerk also has requirements that should be filled. The office clerk requirement descriptions are:

  • Minimally high school diploma or equal qualification
  • Having 2 years’ experience in a similar position
  • Solid knowledge of office procedure and basic accounting process
  • Expert with MS Office
  • Excellent communication and organizational skills
  • Have to be fast typist with awesome multitasking abilities
  • Attention to the detail

The office clerk FAQs

What are an office clerk’s duties?

The main duties for an office clerk are preparing the document, scheduling the meeting, and also updating the company records. Therefore, they are also known as an Office Assistant or receptionist. The duties of this job should be written on the office clerk job description design idea.

Could I customize the office clerk job description template here?

Of course, you could. The office clerk job description document is editable so that you can change and edit suitable for your company’s needs. You only need to download the office clerk job description on this page by clicking the downloaded button.



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