Receiving Clerk Job Description Template and Its Requirements

A receiving clerk is a person who is hired by a store manager. He or she is responsible for receiving, inspecting, and also recording shipments with raw products or materials. Every store will need this job position. Because this position is very important, we are looking for a new responsible one. Now, let’s pay attention to the following receiving clerk job description.

Receiving Clerk Job Description Template

A receiving clerk is tasked to unload packages & check the contents to make sure that they match the orders. He or she must possess a great eye for details as well as basic skills of math. An adequate physical strength is also required as a receiving clerk will unload shipping’s everyday.

The clerical skills are also required to update records & follow up with clients or suppliers. The goal of this position is to make sure that the store receives the right packages and appropriately stock them. For the more detailed job description, you can see the following template.

Receiving Clerk Responsibilities

A receiving clerk is responsible for various tasks and duties. So, every candidate needs to understand the following responsibilities to do:

  • Collaborates with procurement staff for listing the expected deliveries
  • Receives shipments & signs paperwork on receipts
  • Unloads packages from the incoming trucks
  • Inspects contents to make sure that they are undamaged
  • Verifies packages based on the orders and invoices including the price, quality, quantity, etc
  • Contacts suppliers or shippers if there is any mistake
  • Assumes responsibilities to receive replacements or return unsatisfactory shipments
  • Labels deliveries & allocates them to the designated places
  • Makes sure that invoices are signed & paid for the satisfactory deliveries
  • Maintains accurate records & helps in inventory control

Receiving Clerk Requirements

We hope that we get a professional receiving clerk. Therefore, the candidates who are applying for this job position have to meet the following requirements:

  • Proven experience in similar position
  • Experience in forklift operation
  • Working knowledge of Ms. Office or other computer programs for data entering
  • Good understanding of safety & health regulations
  • Basic abilities in math & recording
  • Good organizational skills
  • Good interpersonal and communication abilities
  • Keen eye for details
  • Excellent physical conditions
  • High school diploma

Receiving Clerk FAQs

What does a receiving clerk do in a store?

Basically, the main task and duty of a receiving clerk is to unload packages & check the contents to make sure that they match the orders. However, there are some other specific responsibilities to do according to the manager’s commands.

Can I edit the posted receiving clerk job description here?

You can use this job description to explain the responsibilities and requirements of a receiving clerk in the recruitment process. However, if you want to edit it, just feel free to do it as this is an editable template.

Do you have interview questions for a receiving clerk?

Besides the receiving clerk job description, there are some interview questions you can use in recruiting a receiving clerk you can find on this web.


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