Ob Gyn Job Description Template and Its Responsibilities

In medical industry, Obstetrician Gynecologist (Ob Gyn) is very important. To meet the needs of this job position, we are hiring a new Ob Gyn to join our company. There are a few steps in the process of recruiting. It is very important to know about its responsibilities and requirements. So, in this article, we will share the Ob Gyn job description in detailed.

Ob Gyn Job Description Template

We are hiring an Ob Gyn who has a passion to care for women & treat their medical needs. An Ob Gyn has responsibilities to test, treat, diagnose, & monitor illnesses and disorders related to the health of women as well as their reproductive system.

As an Ob Gyn, you will perform procedures & exams, treat women, and council patients. To ensure that the process of recruitment runs well and you find the experienced candidates, the following job description template will be helpful.

Ob Gyn Responsibilities

An Ob Gyn has some important responsibilities to do. Here is the list of tasks and duties to be done by an Ob Gyn:

  • Interviews new patients to know their symptoms, problems, or needs
  • Performs well-women exams including breast, pelvic, and pap smears exams
  • Conducts follow-ups with patients for monitoring & tracking their conditions
  • Councils patients on the safe sex practices as well as preventative medicine practices
  • Monitors & treats women patients during their pregnancies and childbirths
  • Orders & analyzes needed tests, scans, biopsies, screenings, etc
  • Directs, advises, and supervises medical staff such as med techs, physician assistants, nurses, etc properly
  • Continues personal education on innovations and current medical practices by attending conferences, reading medical journals, etc

Ob Gyn Requirements

An Ob Gyn must be experienced and meets some qualifications. Here are the required qualifications for all the candidates:

  • Doctorate of medicine
  • Ob Gyn residency for 4 years
  • Valid license to practice
  • Board-certified in state
  • Practicing medicine for at least 2 years in a private practice or hospital
  • Proficient at patient charting
  • Knowledge of relevant charting computer program
  • Ability to monitor & manage medical staff & assistants effectively
  • Compassionate & personable with exemplary bedside manners
  • Expert decision-making and sound judgment abilities

Ob Gyn FAQs

What does an Ob Gyn do in a hospital?

An Ob Gyn is tasked to care for women & treat their medical needs. He or she needs to test, treat, diagnose, & monitor illnesses and disorders related to the health of women as well as their reproductive system.

Can I edit the posted Ob Gyn job description here?

The job description posted above is editable. You are allowed to add or remove the responsibilities and the requirements of the Ob Gyn to fit your needs.

Do you have interview questions for an Ob Gyn?

In this article, we do not only provide the Ob Gyn job description. However, we also share a few interview questions you can ask to the candidates of an Ob Gyn in the recruitment process.


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