Logistics Coordinator Job Description and its Responsibilities 

A logistics coordinator is commonly found in the warehouse, factory, and also large stockroom. They have the responsibility to manage all aspects of shipping routes and also delivery. In this way, a logistics coordinator should regard customer satisfaction. Therefore, the role of this job is big so that you need to create a logistics coordinator job description with a good arrangement.

The logistics coordinator job description template

Looking for this job position should be careful because they will communicate with the customers. Therefore, you need to find an experienced logistics coordinator that will help you to supervise the daily activity of shipping and also receiving the specialists. A logistics coordinator also should be able to make the customer getting satisfaction because it is the priority of how the business remains successful.

Besides, a logistics coordinator also will ensure that all the products are delivered to the customers on time and all of the inventory is accounted for regularly. Therefore, a logistic coordinator should be well-versed to supply management principles and practices.

To succeed in a logistics coordinator, you need to have specific knowledge of the range of company products and services. A top candidate for a logistics coordinator is professional and able to communicate the instruction clearly and effectively.

The logistics coordinator responsibilities

As a logistics coordinator, you need to know some responsibilities to do. Some logistics coordinator responsibilities descriptions are:

  • Representative the assignments to the warehouse and also inventory clerk
  • Make sure that all subordinate employees work efficiently
  • Make a schedule and track shipment of final products suitable with the customers’ requirements
  • Keep logs and records of warehouse stock and executed orders
  • Formulate the accurate reports to upper managements
  • Talk to the suppliers, retailers, and also the customers to achieve profitable deals and mutual satisfaction
  • Help to unload the new supplies
  • Oversee the use of heavy machineries such as forklifts or conveyor belts used to conveyance products
  • Trails all store or company inventory
  • Supervise the processing of customer orders

The logistics coordinator Requirements 

Besides, you also need to fill some requirements if you want to be a logistics coordinator. Some logistics coordinator requirements descriptions are:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Logistic or Business Analytic
  • Having more than 5 years’ experience in customer service or logistics management
  • Demonstrate the solid leadership qualities
  • Having awareness of warehouse and equipment safety products
  • Experience of laws, regulations and ISO requirements
  • Capable to work with little supervision and track multiple processes
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
  • Intense on working in a fast-paced environment

The logistics coordinator FAQs

How is the work environment of the logistics coordinator?

The logistics coordinator has an interesting work environment. The majority of working hours for them is spent in the warehouse or stockroom warehouse. Some local travel to distribution is required daily. The detailed information is in the logistics coordinator job description template.

How much the salary for a logistics coordinator?

If you look at the responsibilities in the sample logistics coordinator job description above, they have an important role. Therefore, the salary for this position is about $32.000 to $ 39.000 per year. The experience in the logistics coordinator job description will be $68.000 per year.



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