Server Job Description and Its FAQs

For the restaurant, a server is an important position that will influence the running of the business. A restaurant server will take the orders from clients, answer questions about the menus, sells the food and drinks of the restaurants, and others. The server is also known as a waiter. For you who want to recruit the server, of course, knowing about the server job description is very essential.

Server Job Description Template

As we have said before, knowing the server job description is an important part when you want to recruit a new server. The server, as we know, has important responsibilities. He or she will take the orders from the clients and then serve the best food to them.

The main duty of a server is to take the food and drink. However, they also could have the ability to write a menu on the order slips. Of course, by this ability, they could help the cooker and make a good working circle inside the restaurant.

To succeed in these jobs, a server of a restaurant should have a good and positive attitude. They also should have good mental to work under pressure. Experience in previous work in common becomes an additional consideration to be seen.

Server Responsibilities

These are some responsibilities of a server for the restaurant to be known, as:

  • Take food and drink orders from the customers accurately and with a good manner or attitude
  • Write the patrons food orders on slips, memorize the orders or enter the orders into computers to ease the chef prepares it
  • Engage and communicate with the customers using a good manner
  • Know about menus and suggest the customers when it is needed
  • Collect the payments from the tables
  • Help staffs to prepare the orders when it is needed

Server Requirement

In recruiting the server for the restaurant, you may write about its requirements. Some common requirements for server recruitment are:

  • High ability to work in a face-paced work environment
  • Deliver any orders in timely manners
  • Able to handle money in a high accurate
  • Operate a point-of-sale system
  • Ability to perform high-quality work when there is no control
  • Have a positive attitude and ability to work under pressure
  • Experience in providing excellent service for the customers

Common Server FAQs

What tasks does a server do?

The main task of a server of the restaurant is giving service to the customers. These are various services to be done, such as answering the questions, taking the orders, delivering the orders, and others. Adding the detailed order also becomes part of this job description.

May I customize the uploaded sample of the restaurant server job description?

Of course, you may customize this uploaded sample of the server job description. You may edit the detailed information here and make it in line with your needs. It is common when a restaurant has different details in the recruitment session.

What should I include in making this job description?

Information about the job becomes the main thing inside the server job description. Then, give clear details of the requirement that a person should fulfill.

Description: A server job description will help you to recruit a new worker. Through the description, of course, getting an experienced server could be done well.


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