Truck Driver Job Description and Its FAQ

The driver of a truck has an important role in transportation. In common, the truck driver will deliver kinds of materials and goods for the manufacture, retail centers, and others. On another hand, sometimes, the truck driver job description is also performing as a sales and customer service in the side job. Then, a driver also inspects the mechanical issues for their vehicles after the operation.

Truck Driver Job Description Template

A template of the job description for a truck driver is an important document, especially when you want to recruit the new driver. Through a template, you may write the requirements of the truck driver without starting from a blank document because there is a default shape of it.

On another hand, through a template, you may show what the candidate should know about the truck driver. Well, a truck driver has a responsibility to make safe and timely delivery of goods and other matters for trade or to the customers. Then, they also should maintain the condition of the truck.

To be a successful truck driver, a candidate must have an A-class driver license and a clean driving record. Besides, in the selection phase, there is also a drug and alcohol test that a candidate should pass.

Truck Driver Responsibilities

The main responsibility of a truck driver is to deliver goods to a specific destination, especially for business reasons. However, to know more about the tasks of a truck driver, some responsibilities to be handled by a truck driver are:

  • Driving long distance to deliver kinds of goods and other materials to customers
  • Loading and unloading cargo
  • Recording cargo deliveries
  • Refueling and cleaning the vehicles
  • Reporting the incidents in the road to the dispatcher
  • Following the laws of traffic
  • Keeping an activities log
  • Reporting the mechanical problems to maintain the personnel
  • Planning routes by using the GPS
  • Getting goods to the customers on time
  • Maintaining a positive attitude to the customers

Truck Driver Requirements

To handle all responsibilities, these are some requirements that should be fulfilled by a candidate as its standards. The requirements to be fulfilled are:

  • High school diploma for the last education or equivalent
  • Must have a medical certificate
  • Must have current MVR
  • Must have clean records in driving
  • Must pass the test of drug and alcohol
  • Must have Class A CDL or commercial driving license

Truck Driver FAQ

What tasks does a truck driver do?

Delivering kinds of goods and other materials to the customers and other specific destination is the main task of the truck driver. Besides, they also need to maintain the condition of the vehicle and make sure that it could be driven well every time.

May I customize the uploaded sample of the truck driver job description?

Yes, this posted document on this page is editable. You may renew the information and make it likes the details that you want. To edit the posted document, download it and then use the word application to edit.

What should I include in making this job description?

Of course, the detailed truck driver job description should be included here. Then, it is good when you include the facilities that a driver will get when they join your company.

Description: A truck driver job description shows what a driver should know before joining. This document will be very essential to be made in the recruitment process.


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