Construction Laborer Job Description and Its FAQs

The construction laborer is also called as a construction worker. It is an important position in the project with several main tasks. A construction laborer may prepare the place of a project by cleaning them, loading the materials, removing the hazards, and others. Of course, since its important position, knowing about the construction laborer job description is needed.

Construction Laborer Job Description Template

We are a huge construction firm and here we are hiring the dedicated and serious construction laborer to join with our team. The construction laborer will have some responsibilities, especially about the running project, such as operating and maintaining some kinds of machines, loading and unloading the heavy materials, and others.

Besides, a construction laborer also should follow the directions from the supervisors and other skilled tradesmen to make sure that the project is running well. To do all responsibilities, a construction laborer should have a fit physique, reliable and also become a hard worker.

Construction Laborer Responsibilities

As we have said before, a construction laborer will have some responsibilities to be done. For clearer information, some responsibilities for a construction laborer to be known are:

  • Operating and caring for the equipment and machines of the construction
  • Helping the operators of the equipment, the carpenter and other skilled labor when it is needed
  • Preparing the construction sites by doing some matters, such as cleaning the obstacles and hazards
  • Loading and unloading the materials for the construction projects
  • Putting together and taking apart the temporary structures
  • Removing, filling and compacting earth
  • Following the instructions from the supervisors
  • Assisting the craft workers
  • Ready to learn from the training when it is needed
  • Performing the clean up for sites

Construction Laborer Requirements

For those who want to be a candidate for a construction laborer, these are some requirements that you need to consider. The requirements to be a good construction laborer are:

  • Must have a related experienced as the general laborer in the industry of construction
  • Must be reliable and punctual
  • Ability to work in the different kinds of weathers
  • Ability to do physical labor and other kinds of strenuous physical tasks
  • High school diploma or equivalent for the last education
  • Minimally 18 years old
  • Have a valid driver license

Construction Laborer FAQ

What does a construction laborer do in a construction project?

The main thing to do by a construction laborer is handling the kinds of physical tasks on the construction sites. Of course, every project sometimes has different detail about what the construction laborer should do in applying their task.

Can I edit the posted construction laborer job description here?

Yes, you can. When you want to recruit a new construction laborer, you may write the most appropriate details as you need. Editing this document is allowed. You just need to download it and then use the wording application to edit the whole document and change some items.

Do you have interview questions for a construction laborer?

Besides providing the construction laborer job description, on this page, we have several samples for the interview questions that you may find. Search it on another side of this page.

Description: a construction laborer job description should be known as the part of a recruitment process, so you could find a great construction laborer to fulfill your need.


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