Food Service Worker Job Description and FAQs

A food service worker has the responsibility for everything which goes into the meal preparation. He or she is tasked to ensure that every meal is in the best quality. Some of the main tasks are to clean the top of stove, adhere to regulations of food safety, help cooks preparing meals, and make simple dishes like salad. For the detailed food service worker job description, let’s see the following template.

Food Service Worker Job Description Template

Many cases show that a food service worker can grow into a cook or even restaurant manager. This position needs no experience. However, a high school diploma is preferred. Attention to details belongs to the most important skills to be possessed by a food service worker.

Our restaurant is hiring a food service worker. We hope that those who apply for this position can help us grow our restaurant. So, the job description must be understood and followed well. The following job description template can be your helpful and useful reference.

Food Service Worker Responsibilities

There are some tasks and duties to be done by a food service worker. Usually, different restaurants give different responsibilities. In this position, you will be responsible for:

  • Cleaning the top of stove as needed
  • Helping cooks by preparing foods
  • Making simple food items like salad
  • Helping out in the kitchen if needed
  • Delivering orders of foods to customers
  • Keeping the kitchen orderly and clean
  • Answering any question from customers
  • Following regulations of food safety all the time

Food Service Worker Requirements

Applying for this job position is allowed for everyone even with no experience. Different restaurants may require different qualifications related to education and experience. However, the required skills are usually same. Here are all the requirements to meet:

  • High school diploma is prioritized
  • Ability for listening to directions
  • Great ethic of work
  • Ability of learning new skills
  • Good attention to details
  • Knowledge of meal or food safety
  • Ability for lifting 50 pounds or more
  • Ability to read directions and learn more
  • Ability of standing for eight hours per day

Food Service Worker FAQs

What does a food service worker do in a restaurant?

The responsibilities of a food service worker can be various. However, the main task is to help the restaurant’s cooks by preparing meals. Anyway, the complete & detailed tasks and duties must be understood well as we have listed above.

Can I edit the posted food service worker job description here?

Of course, you can. This article contains a template of job description for a food service worker. You can edit it easily to fit your needs. Adding or removing details of the job description is allowed.

Do you have interview questions for a food service worker?

Besides providing the food service worker job description, we also provide a collection of interview question samples. These interview questions can be used when you recruit a new food service worker in your restaurant.


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